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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Year 2 Maths - Compare number sentences

Reading - 60 Second Challenge - How quickly can you read the text and accurately complete the questions?

Literacy - A piece of Writing

(For today and Thursday 4th Feb)

Your task is to write 200-400 words which "EXPRESS YOU".

Your could write: 

  • A short letter to yourself or someone else describing you, your feelings and what activities you have done during lockdown. It could include any questions you might or any thoughts or feelings you would like to share.
  • A short diary entry, describing one day in lockdown and the different feelings you may have had. It might be an exciting day full of different activities or could be a day spend at home. Your diary entry may contain your emotions and thoughts about things you have been missing.
  • A short story, with you as the main character - you could create a beginning, middle and end based on your experiences. Who else will be in your story? 
  • A mini newspaper article which outlines some key events of the last week / month / year? What important news will you contain?


Please remember this is YOUR piece of writing so feel free to choose your own theme!

I look forward to receiving your work via Seesaw.

Please remember to send a photo of your writing to 

before TOMORROW (Thursday!)

PE - LIVE 2:00PM - Cricket - Brilliant Bowler