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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 2

Celebration of Success - Louie and Penny Pattinson


Louie has had an exceptionally busy week at home!

He has learned to tell the time, practised place value and the spelling of numbers.

Louie has also written a beautiful poem about the sunshine 

and a fantastic recipe for medicine, inspired by Mary Seacole!


With the help of his sister, he has also collected and observed tadpoles

and created an accurate life-cycle wheel for a frog. 


Louie and Penny even found some time to make dinner and bake!

Wow! I am very impressed, what great team work!

Well done Louie and Penny! smiley


Celebration of Success - Rosie Slack


Rosie has worked extremely hard to produce this wonderful and realistic 3D map of the world!

It is absolutely brilliant!

Rosie also labelled the continents and ordered them according to their size!

I am very impressed! Well done Rosie! yes

Friday 27th March



Children I would love you to visit the following website at 10am to join in with a live maths party!

1. Choose your year group

2. Watch the video

3. Answer the questions - good luck!

Don't forget to email me your results!

All About Nelson Mandela

Literacy - Nelson Report

Children I am so pleased that you have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Nelson Mandela recently.

I am so impressed with the level of participation and interest you've all shown.

I would really love you to write a report about Nelson Mandela's life.


Perhaps you could start from when he was born in South Africa,

discuss how he became the first black president, to how he sadly died in 2013.

I know you have learned so many facts about his life and his journey - how many facts can you include in your report?


Extension: Try to include all the features we've looked at recently:

1. Headline

2. Paragraphs (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)

3. Other people's opinions

4. Picture and caption


Challenge: Pretend you are Nelson, in prison, write a letter to a family member describing how you feel. Write about your determination and passion to create equality and fairness.


Extension: Choose a moment in Nelson's life and write a diary entry, detailing the events. Write about what is happening, who is there, how are you feeling, what will you do next...

Chester Zoo - Live Visit

From 10am Chester Zoo is doing a live stream and opening its 'virtual gates' to let you inside!

Click on the link below to access the line stream:


10:00 👉 Red pandas 🐼
11:00 👉 Rothschild's giraffes 🦒
12:00 👉 Asian elephants 🐘
13:00 👉 Butterflies 🦋
14:00 👉 Sun bears 🐻
14:30 👉 Sumatran tigers 🐅
14:45 👉 Humboldt penguins 🐧
16:00 👉 Aquarium* 🐠

Research the habitats of the following African animals.

What do they have in common? What is different?


Challenge: Design your own zoo!


Literacy - A Cloudy Lesson

Children please watch the short video clip below. 

It is about a cloud maker and his apprentice grandson.

They are busy trying to make clouds when it doesn't seem to go to plan!

As things continue to go wrong, the pair of them learn that good ideas come from happy accidents. 



I would love you to retell the story and send it to me via email so I can read your wonderful work!

I challenge you to:

1. Give the characters names,

2. Describe the characters (using commas between adjectives in a list),

3. Describe the clouds they tried to make, 

4. Tell me how they are feeling when things don't go to plan,

5. Join two clauses using co-ordination/subordination (and, but, so, because, when, if, or)


Please check:

1. Capital letters (names, start of sentences)

2. Punctuation (can you include ? ! ...)

3. Read your work out-loud to check you haven't missed any words out!



Can you add a suffix (-ment, -ly, -ness, -ful)

Can you use fronted adverbials (First, Next, After, Then)


Super Extension: Write your own story!

If you were a cloud maker...

-What shape clouds would you try to make,

-Who would you choose to help you,

-What would you do if thing's didn't go to plan?

Would you create something different? When? Where? How?

A Cloudy Lesson Video Clip

Still image for this video

Geography - World Map

This year Class Two have become very familiar with continents and maps.

Have a go at creating a world map using the printable documents below.

1. Can you construct a world map without any help?

2. Check your map,

3. Draw your own flat world map,

4. Add the continent labels (can you spell them?).



1. The size of each continent: Can you order them smallest to largest?

2. Find out about 'The Ring of Fire': Can you create a fact-file?



Sketch an erupting volcano!

I want to see good use of colour, can you add texture too?





Arithmetic Papers

I know my Year Two children genuinely enjoy doing papers like this, so give them a good go!

Any tricky questions/queries please send me an email... PLEASE, let me know how you get on!



Spring Cleaning!

We all know how much we dislike a mess in Class Two.... I'm sure it is the same at home.


There's always time for a good clean!

1. Tidy your bedroom - Books, Toys, Games,

2. Fold and put away ALL your clothes,

3. Check all rubbish is in the bin, collect any recycling,

4. Help hang out the washing/bring it in,

5. Sweep the floors,

6. Assist with making lunch/dinner.


Don't forget to check with Mums and Dads first!

Just for fun....

Just for fun.... 1

1. Have a go!

2. Can you describe what is happening?

3. Try with different tissue - compare the results...

4. Send me a photo!


I hope you are all having fun and staying safe at home! 


Countryside Activities at Home

Please visit this wonderful website to find several 'countryside' activities you can do AT HOME!

1. Select the appropriate age group

2. Use a subject/theme

3. Have fun and send me your photos please!



Phonics Practise

Use the login: march20 password:home


2. Select PHASE 6 (Phase 5 can be used as a warm up but will be very easy for our children!)

There is a great game on plurals, and past tense endings.

The children are very familiar with both of these!

Also some printable resources available!



Audio Book Read by David Williams (Changed daily)



Shadow Creation

To make the most of this beautiful sunshine I would love you to have a go at recreating some shadows! Find a sunny spot, and sketch away..... 

Challenge: Order your shadow from shortest to tallest, can you draw YOUR SHADOW?

Please send photos to so I can display them here! 




Year 1


Year 2



Mrs Richardson has uploaded  a unit of lessons to the Charanga website.

Year 1, your unit is called 'In the Groove'

Year 2, your unit is called 'Zoo Time'.

Please feel free to dip in and out of the lessons, above all have fun.

I can check in to see who has logged on and what you have been up to. On a weekly basis, I'll share the top superstars who have logged on and had fun. Please feel free to video or take photos of your learning, send them to and I'll add them to the music page on this website to celebrate all the 'toe tapping' music happening at home. 



Year 1 : Plant a seed in a plant pot and consider all the conditions it needs in order to survive and grow - record in a weekly diary of how your plant grows, take its measurements, draw its changes and take lots of photos.


Year 2: Plant a seed in one plant pot, a bulb in another, consider all the conditions they need in order to survive and grow - record in a weekly diary how the plants grow, take their measurements, draw changes, compare similarities and differences between the two and take lots of photos. 


Please send your photos to, so I can celebrate and share all your success'. Have fun planting smiley



MARCH: Year 1 Science - The children have been investigating the weather and learning all about the seasons.

March: Class 2 always love a trip to the Library Van, where they choose brand new, exciting books to share in class.

March: As part of their literacy topic, studying Newspapers, the Year Two children have been identifying and re-writing exciting headlines.

February: To celebrate "Lost Words" week, Class 2 produced the most amazing still life drawings, with fantastic tissue college backgrounds. The children also created magnificant paintings of some of the 'lost words' using water-colours. To take a closer look at all the excellent art, pop into Class 2, where the work is proudly on display!

January: Continents, Continents, Continents..... Putting the world back together!

January: The Year Two children have been practising their photography skills, experimenting with camera features such as, lighting, angle, contrast, zoom, background and editing to enhance.

January: The Year One Children have been experimenting with the features of Tux Paint to create a cartoon of Anna. They practised using different brushes, lines and colours.

December: Santa visited Class Two and brought very lovely presents for all the children!

December: After a recent visit to church Class 2 were inspired to create their own stained glass windows, depicting signs and symbols of things important to them. The turned out magnificantly!

December: Christmas Nativity - Baboushka KS1 were absolutely fantastic in their Christmas performance. Their acting, big voices and singing was amazing! WE ARE ALL SO TREMENDOUSLY PROUD!! WELL DONE KS1!

December: Year 1 children have become presenters of their very own TV Cookery Show. Today, they presented how to make delicious pancakes and enjoyed the roles of filmer, editor and director! There was even some time to sample the pancakes...!

December: Christmas jumper day!

December: Christmas jumper day! 1
December: Christmas jumper day! 2

December: Year one and Year two children visited Penrith library to explore their exciting books and to make their very own Santa face. We even had time for a couple of stories, juice and biscuits!

December: We were kindly visited by policeman Mark who delivered a superb, informative talk about road safety.... helping us to stay safe when near roads.

December: Year one and year two children visited Kendal Brewery to see the brilliantly performance, ‘Inside the Igloo’. What a fantastic time we had.... we had to help collect snowdrops and balance them on our hands during the performance!

November: What fantastic gymnasts we have in year one and two..... the children have shown how bendy, flexible and subtle they are. We’ve also witnessed some fantastic balancing, stretching and paired work!

November: Year 2 really enjoyed spending the morning at Newton Rigg participating in multi-sports.

October: Class 2 had a 'hoot' producing Owl Colleges for their autumnable topic...

October: Class two have presented a beautiful assembly all about space and the creation story to the rest of the school. They worked very hard to learn their lines and actions. The children enjoyed learning, Rocket Man by Elton John and sang it wonderfully. They also planned and made the most amazing rockets using recyclable materials. Well done Class Two.

October: Year two children have been creating their own programs on scratch using algorithms (sequences of instructions). We have learned that you use symbols to represent an action for a sprite to follow. Predicting sequences and debugging algorithms is still quite tricky....... we will keep practising!

Class Two are very excited to welcome back the year two children and welcome the new year one children. We are going to have a superb year.....

July: Sports afternoon

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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June: Class 2’s Dominoes challenge....

Still image for this video

June: We were kindly visited by Rachel from Lambing live who taught us all about a year in the life of a farmer. We even had the chance to go on a New Holland tractor and find out how it works!

June: KS1 Basic Moves Festival at Newton Rigg

May: In science we have been following shadows and helping our friends to draw their shadows.

May: Class Two are experimenting with colours and painting techniques to create a landscape in the style of Monet.....

May: Searching for creepy crawlies......

May: We’ve been working very hard to learn the time using analogue and digital clocks!

April: Year 1 and Year 2 children represented St. Catherine’s at Hunter Hall’s Cross Country, Penrith. They were superb! We have some very talented runners!

April: Year 1 and Year 2 children represented St. Catherine’s at Hunter Hall’s Cross Country, Penrith. They were superb! We have some very talented runners! 1

March: We visited Penrith castle and tried to identify different features... can you spot the moat, thick walls, dungeon, kitchen, drawbridge, arrow slits?

March: Gist visited our school and taught us how to stay safe on roads, near lorries and other large vehicles.

March: We were extremely delighted to welcome Brunswick Children into our school for a fun-filled afternoon with children's author and illustrator Mark Robertson. The children enjoyed a story workshop followed by a step-by-step guide to draw their very own dragon!

March: Powder Paint to create jellyfish for our 'Deep Sea Display'...

February: Shape sorting and discussions...

February: We have been very busy using ipads to research 'Under the Sea Creatures', we worked in groups to collate information before presenting it to the rest of the class.

February: Writing algorithms for beebots....

February: NSPCC visited KS1

February: We have enjoyed turning our castle drawings into fairy tale sand castles.... we didn’t even spill any sand!

January: Class 2 have been learning how to use rulers to draw outlines of medieval castles..... it can be quite tricky!

January: We created sunrises to represent Jesus’ light, some children chose to add candles too!

January: Using shapes to construct fairy tale castles

January: Active literacy, Goldilocks and the three bears

January: We are very excited to play on our new climbing frame!

January 2019 Creative Provision Time

December: Santa visited Class 2! 🎅🏻🌲


December: Trip to Kendal theatre to see The Selfish Giant. There were some sleepy children on the way back to school...

December: Baptism in church with Father John

December: We have designed and made Christmas stockings to hang around our fireplace.

December: Maths in action

November: Some of Class 2 represented school at Newton Rigg Basic Moves Festival

November: In Religious Education we are learning about baptism. We enjoyed doing a role-play baptism today...

November: Exploring Light and Dark - Using pastels and chalks to create different tones...

November: Year 2 children perform a dance from Lion King

Still image for this video
Picture 1

October: For library week Class 2 visited Penrith library to explore their range of books and to make superhero masks!

October: Penrith Firefighters visited Class 2....

Firefighter Antony practising...

Still image for this video

Firefighters Anna and Liana practising....

Still image for this video

Firefighter Maja practising...

Still image for this video

Firefighter Alex practising...

Still image for this video

Firefighters Aaron and Tyler...

Still image for this video

Firefighters Tommy and Joshua...

Still image for this video

Class 2 have enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London

Class 2 have enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London 1

October: Paint blowing to create a backdrop for The Great Fire of London landscape...

October: We have learnt how important it is to warm up before our dance lesson...

October: Number construction focusing on 'one more one less'

October: Penrith Paramedic Team kindly taught Class 2 about their important job....

Henry had his oxygen levels and pulse checked...

Still image for this video

Tomasz was delighted to have his pulse and heart rate checked...

Still image for this video

We even checked to see if the sirens were working...

Still image for this video

We double-checked the sirens...

Still image for this video

September: We were recently visited by Ian from Blood Bike, Cumbria.

September: Class 2 were kindly visited by an optician...

September: Preparing our Great Fire of London scrolls......

We got even the chance to sit in the police van... and test the sirens and horn!

Still image for this video

2: Testing the sirens and horn....

Still image for this video

3: Testing the sirens and horn....

Still image for this video

4: Testing the sirens and horn....

Still image for this video

5: Testing the sirens and horn....

Still image for this video

6: Testing the sirens and horn....

Still image for this video

We learnt about road spikes and how they are used...

Still image for this video

September: Class 2 had a lovely treat listening to Paige share her story. What beautiful reading!

Still image for this video

September: Maths in action

September - Literacy: Using adjectives to describe...

Still image for this video

September - Numbers: Exploring base ten to compose 2-digit numbers

September - Building the foreground of the display: House construction!

September - Printing: Adding the next layer to our display backdrop...

September - Measuring our heights in small groups to compare our growth over the year....

September 2018 - Collaging to create our new display background..... watch this space!