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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 2

July 2022

Wow - what a busy term!

South Lakes Zoo - What a brilliant day!

SCIENCE - Year 3: The Year 3s have just completed their final Science topic all about Plants. They learnt the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. The children worked scientifically and collaboratively to investigate what plants needed to grow well, and presented their findings to their classmates. Furthermore, they predicted what would happen in an exciting investigation into the transportation of water within plants. They worked in a hands-on way to identify the parts of a flower, and explored the different stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant.

SCIENCE- Year 2: The Year 2s have just completed their final Science topic all about Plants. In this unit the children have had the opportunity to closely study plants and trees in the natural environment, took measurements and made observational drawings. The children planted a seed and a bulb and compared them as they grow. They recorded changes of their plants in words and pictures, took measurements throughout the unit. The children set up a comparative experiment to observe what plants needed to grow well. The children began to learn about plants we eat, and understand that farming involves creating the right conditions for food crops to grow.

YEAR 3 SCIENCE: The children have just finished their latest topic Rocks and Volcanoes. In this unit the children discovered the different types of rocks and how they are formed. They compared and grouped rocks based on appearance and simple properties. They learnt how fossils were formed and learnt about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. They also learnt how soil is formed.

YEAR 3 SCIENCE: Today, 12th May 2022, Year 3 had a visit from Steve, a 'Rock and Volcano' expert. He told us all about his experiences of collecting a variety of rocks, including those from 'sleeping volcanoes' and 'live volcanoes'. In the photos, you can see we listened carefully, then we explored an array of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous), and finally we had a go at making Steve's 'mock-up' volcanoes erupt. The children were in absolute awe, had a wonderful afternoon and most importantly learnt a vast amount of knowledge from Steve.


Head on over to the Music Page (link below) to see all the wonderful Music that has been happening this term. 

What a busy Easter Week Class 2 have had celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus and making beautiful crafts!

March - We have learned all about Mary Anning - Check out our fantastic fossils!

YEAR 3 SCIENCE: The children have just completed the topic 'Light and Dark'. During this topic, the children learnt about light, reflections and shadows. They learnt about different sources of light, and that we need light to see. The children worked scientifically and collaboratively whilst investigating reflective materials, in the context of designing a new book bag. They worked in a hands on way to play a range of mirror games, finding out more about reflective surfaces. Furthermore, they learnt that the sun’s light can be dangerous, and created a poster to warn of the dangers of the sun. The children had chance to test which objects are opaque in an exciting investigation to design the most effective curtains, and found out how shadows change when the distance between the object and light source changes. They developed their scientific enquiry skills by making observations , predictions and conclusions during this topic.

YEAR 2 SCIENCE: Year 2 have just completed the topic 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. During this topic, the children learnt about a variety of habitats and the plants and animals that live there. They learnt to tell the difference between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive, and applied this in a range of contexts. They made observations of a local habitat and the creatures that live there, investigated the conditions in local microhabitats and how these conditions affect the minibeasts they found there. The children also researched a range of global habitats and found out how the living things that live there are suited to their environments, and also provided an introduction to the idea of dependency between plant and animal species.

March - As part of our computing topic we are practising how to take and edit good photos! Ask us more about this...

What a fabulous celebration for World Book Day 2022!

March - What a delicious pancake day! Well done Class 2!

February - We were exceptionally lucky to be joined by experts from the Military Life Museum today, who shared with us a range of exciting World War One artfefacts - what an informative afternoon we had! Thank you very much Jules!

Wow! What super talented gymnasts we have in year 2! Recently, we participated in Key Steps One Gymnastic Competition at Penrith Leisure Centre - well done all!

February - Class 2 to the rescue.... what a wonderful and wet time Class 2 had learning about the role of the fire service, al the equipment they use and when to call 999!

We are absolutely delighted with our Year Three children who participated in Year 3/4 Hockey at Penrith Leisure Centre. We had the most wonderful time and developed our skills throughout the competition. I am very proud!

February 2022 - National Storytelling Week We have enjoyed looking at farm topic books and exploring leaflets.

Class Two were overjoyed to discover Santa had left them presents in church this morning. How lucky we are!

Key Stage One's Nativity of Born in a Barn - The children look fabulous!

What scrumptious gingerbread houses! Class 2 decorated and composed their very own!

We have been very busy making a selection of Christmas Crafts including our very own Christmas Lunch hats! We hope you like them!

Christmas Jumper Day!

It is always fun to visit the Library Van.... followed by 3 exciting stories!

Class Two's Winter Wonderland. We are grateful for all of God's wonderful creations!

We have redesigned castles based on Paul Klee's art!

We will remember them all... We have painted poppies to remember all those who were brave!

November 2021

Be Bright! Be Seen!

In Class Two we have been learning about the importance of staying active;

we know we can walk, wheel or bike to school - even if it is just for 5 minutes!

We have also learned about Road Safety and the importance of being 'safe and seen' 

in the darkness, particularly during the winter months when it is darker much earlier.

We know florescent items or clothing help us to be seen and

we can always carry a torch or head-light!

Year 2 Science: Year 2 have just completed the topic 'Animals Including Humans'. In this unit, the children learnt about how humans and other animals are born, grow and change, and what we need to survive and be healthy; classified different kinds of animal babies, learnt about the basic needs that are shared by humans and animals, and researched the differing needs of animals within our care; focussed on their own experiences, the children explored the need for humans to eat a varied diet, to keep themselves clean, and to take regular exercise.

October: Virtual Author Visit

Class 2 had the delight of being joined (virtually) by Rachel Morrisroe and Steven Lenton,

author and illustrator of the brand new, exciting picture book, "How to Grow A Unicorn".

We even learned how to draw a unicorn. 


October: We had a lovely visit to church and spoke to Father about baptism features.

In Class 2 we are learning about, The Great Fire of London which is very exciting. We have made our very own houses, which could have been on Pudding Lane and lots of fiery flames!

We are write about the events of, The Great Fire of London and share them with our peers.

What wonderful ordering of numbers up to 20 in words and digits!

September: We are extremely proud of Isabella and Sapphire for receiving the 'Gymast of the Week' trophy!

We are very busy making our new, 'Welcome to Class 2' display!

Welcome to Class Two of 2021!

YEAR 3 SCIENCE - ROCKS: In this unit, the children discovered the different types of rocks and how they are formed. They compared and grouped rocks based on appearance and similar properties. They learnt how fossils are formed and leant about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. The children also learnt how soil is formed.

Climbing Wall - Day 2 - The top was very popular today....

Wow, what a superb time Class 2 have had on the humungous climbing wall! We have some very brave children. Sophie, Penny, Katey and Kevin even reached the top!

Look at our brilliant Sea Creature models which we've painted in an aboriginal style. They are FANTASTIC!

What a lovely surprise we had this afternoon! Class 2 were visited by Zoobidoo and lots of exciting animals!

What a busy afternoon creating Sea Creature Salt Dough ornaments! What fun (and mess) we had....

Always time for some math number races!

Poppy find a book fairy present and kindly gave it to Oscar - what good friendship!

YEAR 2 SCIENCE: Year 2 have just completed their latest Science topic: Living Things and Their Habitats. The children learnt about a variety of habitats and the plants and animals that live there. They learnt to tell the difference  between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive, and applied this in a range of contexts. They made observations  of a local habitat and the creatures that live there, investigated conditions in local microhabitats and how this affects the minibeasts  found within them. They also researched a range of global habitats and how the living things that live there are suited to  their environments, and they also learnt  the idea of dependency between plant and animal species.

Class 2 & 3: BlueJam Workshop 2. Geoff and Asha came into school again, this time teaching us a new song based on all the ideas that the children came up with in the previous session. The song is called ‘Anthem For A New Season.’’ The children loved that their ideas came to life in this song.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Class 2 have been practicing really hard their song for this term in Music. Here they are singing and playing the glockenspiels to ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’’.

Still image for this video

YEAR 3 SCIENCE: Today, 10th June 2021, Steven Wright from Celed Rocks Workshops, delivered a very interesting, interactive workshop all about rocks and volcanoes. In the photos you can see the children exploring numerous rocks (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary), creating their own sand and witnessing a volcanic eruption. 

Key Steps Gymnastic Virtual Competition

Please visit the link below to see Class Two Gymnasts in action!

May Procession - what a beautiful afternoon to celebrate the month of Mary!

Proverb Writing

Class 2 have written fantastic proverbs! Check them out below...

Class 2 have had a deep virtual dive, 'Under the Sea' and have made the most fabulous aquariums!

Music Workshop - The Children have participated in a fun-filled, high energy music workshop. They are working hard to create a song... watch this space for further updates!

Book Fairy visited again!

Class 2 have been super active this term.

Visit the link below to see them in action!

Always time for Pizza.... al fresco pizzas made by Class 2 Chefs! They looked delicious, smelt delicious and tasted delicious!

The book fairy has surprised us again with another visit!

May's Maths in Action!

Another visit from the Book Fairy!


Year 3 have just completed the topic 'Light and Dark'. Please enjoy the photos below to see the children's learning. 



Year 2 have just completed the topic 'Materials'. 

Below are photos of their amazing Science work throughout this topic. 

March 2021

What a busy return to school!

What a fabulous way to end this fabulous term.... in our fabulous pjs!

Class 2 were super lucky as Class 4 made them their very own Orienteering Treasure Hunt! It was challenging but a lot of fun... we even got to do it in our pjs!

We have loved learning about Jesus' rising from the dead for us all. We were inspired to create our very own Easter Gardens!

The book fairy left TWO surprises for us...

We have decorated some Easter Egg Cups and beautiful Easter Wreaths. We have had a lot of fun!

We have thought about acts of kindness we can show to others during Lent.

A little bit of golden time...

We have designed Easter Cards remembering that Jesus sacrificed his life for us. We hope you like them!

We are remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for us by practising the sign of the cross and wearing a cross on our forehead made from burnt palms.

What a "egg'ellent scone'ishious" morning we have had making Hot Cross Scones! We mixed perfect team work, patience and several ingredients to make our delicious scones!

On the 19th March we celebrated St. Joseph's day. We learned he was a carpenter and used a lot of tools in his daily life. We thought about tools we can use to help our families.

To mark census day we collected data on the number of pedestrians and transport passing school, then represented our data on bar charts.

Class Two have really enjoyed talking about 'The Colour Monster', sharing their feelings and writing fantastic diary entries!

Always time for superb maths...

A little bit of time for Arts, Crafts and Golden Time!

We even squeezed in a few games of Twister..... what fun we had!

We were visited by the Book Fairy!

Amazing Home Learning! Well done!

Monday 1st March 2021

This weeks zooms:

Tuesday 2nd Mar - C2 Zoom - 2:00pm

We will be making a special mother day's themed fortune teller!


 Thursday 4th Mar - C2 Zoom - 2:00pm 

Let's celebrate World Book Day together! Fairy tale guess-who?

Please could you choose a character from a fairy tale book, for your friends to guess.

You can give them verbal clues, make crafts/picture or bring props along to help your friends guess.


Community Campaign

Class Two you may have seen the community campaign to ask people in Penrith to make homemade Easter/Thank You cards to send to people in hospitals.

If you would like to make a card or several, throughout the month of March, this would be super!

(Please remember to send me any photos on Seesaw.)

Your cards will then be collected in Penrith town centre the end of March. 


Monday 22nd February 2021

I am looking forward to seeing you all during our zooms this week:

Wednesday 24th Feb - C2 Quiz Zoom - 11:30pm

Thursday 25th Feb - C2 Quiz Zoom - 12:00pm


Monday 8th February 2021

Tuesday 9th February - 12:30pm 

 LIVE cook-a-long Zoom with 'Phunkyfoods' - Spring Rolls!

Wednesday 10th Feb - 1:00pm - LIVE Lesson with PE Coach Shaun

Thursday 11th Feb - C2 Zoom - 1:00pm


Monday 1st February 2021

Children's Mental Health Week - Please see this week for further information

Please remember our zoom this week: Wednesday 3rd Feb - 1:30pm


Monday 25th January 2021

Hello Class Two, Please remember our zooms this week:

Tuesday 26th Jan - 1:00pm - Please bring a pen/pencil and some paper!

Friday 29th Jan - 1:00pm - "Bring a piece of work you are proud of"


Tuesday 19th January 2021

Please remember:

Zoom  -  Wednesday 20th Jan  -  1:00pm  -  "Show and Tell or News" 

Zoom  -  Friday 22nd Jan  -  12:30pm -  "Share a piece of work you are proud of"


Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning Class Two, Please click on the week below to find this weeks work.

Year Three children there is a separate link below for your maths!

Miss. Elliott



Please click on the link below to direct you to the Music Page to watch this inspiring video/project that was created in this current lockdown. 


The Diocese of Leeds are streaming daily sings for children at school and home learning. They publish a list of the week's content every Monday on their Facebook, Twitter and and YouTube feeds. I've attached this week's lists. This week's theme is 'Celebrating the Mass' and their Music Curriculum theme is rhythm. Hope you enjoy sharing these songs at home with your families. 

Mrs Richardson. 

Class Two had a special delivery from The Book Fairy!

Christmas Jumper Day!

A special delivery from... Santa Claus!

Class 2 Christmas Craft Week - What a busy and glittery week!

December 2020


Class 2 have painted the most beautiful snow globes which we are exceptionally proud of. They have also made a giant snow globe to represent qualities they are going to show throughout Christmas Time

Class 2 are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus by making Christmas Wreaths

November 2020

We have been learning about how to look after our bodies, eat healthily and be active! Ask us all about our learning...

Year Two children have been exploring how many different ways they can represent and add numbers!



The year 2's topic this half term was 'ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS'. Below is a collection of photos of all the science fun the children have had during this topic.



Year 3's have been learning all about MAGNETS in Science. Below is a collection photos of all the science fun the children have had during this topic.



October 2020

Isabella has shown Class 2 some conkers she collected. We felt extremely lucky when we opened a shell to find two conkers inside!

Researching local tourist attractions to help us to create our own leaflets.

Place Value Challenge Time. How many ways can we represent a 2 digit number?

Class Two had a lovely treat listening to Monika retell the Creation Story and playing Sophie's home-made matching game. Thank you girls!

We have written our worries onto tissue paper and shared them with our peers. We know that sharing our worries helps us to feel better. We then scrunched our worries into a little ball and threw them away.

Research for non-chronological report writing....

We are busy researching non-chronological reports. How many features can you identify?

Always time for some extra Maths...

What a huge sunflower grown by Sophie during the holidays!

Brilliant Mathematics work...

September 2020

Welcome to Class Two

































Friday 17th July

Hello everyone!  Can you believe we have reached the last day of our school term?

I am very proud of you all, we have had a brilliant school year and it has been a pleasure to teach you all! 

Thank you for being such wonderful, super-stars! Well done to all those children who participated in 

St. Catherine's first-ever Virtual Sports Day! 

Attached below is a link 'PE Achievements' to see a selection of great photos.

Have a brilliant summer and enjoy a well-deserved rest! Miss. Elliott xxx


Hello Class two, Mrs Richardson, checking in with you all, hoping you, your family and friends are all keeping well. I hope some  you had the opportunity to take part in the Virtual Big Sing last Friday afternoon.We had a great time in school, singing/dancing/watching the event. So over on Charanga, I have added the 'Song Package' to your Yumu packagers, so you can carry on enjoying singing. Also, don't forget to check out the Charanga Leader Board every Friday, to see who has had some Charanga fun each week. Happy singing everyone 

MARCH: Year 1 Science - The children have been investigating the weather and learning all about the seasons.

March: Class 2 always love a trip to the Library Van, where they choose brand new, exciting books to share in class.

March: As part of their literacy topic, studying Newspapers, the Year Two children have been identifying and re-writing exciting headlines.

February: To celebrate "Lost Words" week, Class 2 produced the most amazing still life drawings, with fantastic tissue college backgrounds. The children also created magnificant paintings of some of the 'lost words' using water-colours. To take a closer look at all the excellent art, pop into Class 2, where the work is proudly on display!

January: Continents, Continents, Continents..... Putting the world back together!

January: The Year Two children have been practising their photography skills, experimenting with camera features such as, lighting, angle, contrast, zoom, background and editing to enhance.

January: The Year One Children have been experimenting with the features of Tux Paint to create a cartoon of Anna. They practised using different brushes, lines and colours.

December: Santa visited Class Two and brought very lovely presents for all the children!