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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 3



The Year 4 children are currently learning about ‘TIME’ in their maths lessons – analogue and digital times, including the 24 hour clock.


Please help your child to practise this tricky concept.  I’ve put some websites below to support learning.  The children will also be given some time homework next week.


I found with my own children that purchasing a very reasonably priced ‘training watch’ from Amazon or Argos helped tremendously with learning what can be a very tricky concept.

Mrs Jones

Draw-A-Long with Rob Biddulph


We enjoyed a draw-a-long with author/illustrator Rob Biddulph today.  In stages, we sketched Edward the Confessor's crown that Charles III will wear on his coronation day.


We then used water colours to paint the crowns.  


A beautiful display for our coronation celebrations!


Mrs Jones

Our Crowns!

Our beautiful Coronation display!

'800 Years of Penrith Markets' Project with Penrith Museum


Class 3 children went to Penrith Museum on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to work with Karen MacDougall on an exciting new art project, '800 Years of Penrith Markets'


We found out that the history of Penrith Market dates back to 1223, when King Henry III granted the Market Charter.


We had an exciting activity to find different objects and dates in the museum by searching the galleries and completing a paired worksheet activity.


Then, we completed timeline activities to re-arrange old photographs of Penrith into date order.  Also, we used a replica of Penrith's town seal to stamp Playdoh and an embossing stamp to put a mark on paper.


Our project was to complete pieces of art work which will hopefully be displayed on a custom made banner to display in the town.  The artwork included; old buildings, livestock, people through the ages, oak trees (which the stalls were made out of) and artefacts.


Photographs to follow.


Please look out for the banner in the town which will appear in due course!


Mrs Jones

Visit to the Museum

King Charles III Coronation Celebrations!

Amazing costumes for World Book Day

April 2023


The children designed their own 'Mayan' mask in DT and then went on to make it using collage materials.  Apparently, the most important people wore the larger headdresses during Ancient Mayan times.  (Photographs to follow)


Great fun!


Mrs Jones


Literacy and English Skills


In Literacy, we have been focusing on the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs' There has been lots of opportunities for writing.  For example; super expanded noun phrases, asking questions, designing posters, writing playscripts and currently writing instructions using bossy imperative verbs.   (Photographs to follow)


We can't wait to read more of this exciting book!


Mrs Jones



Year 4 are currently learning about fractions in maths.  We have looked at; simplyfying fractions, writing mixed fractions, subtraction and addition of fractions.


I've put some websites on here for the children to practise at home.


Mrs Jones


Year 3 have moved on to focusing on 'money' - combining notes and coins.  I've put some websites on here for the children to practise at home.


Mrs Jones



Wheelchair basketball 🏀 - Fantastic fun!

Dance Assembly - Monday 13th March, 2023


Parents had a treat today when they watched a mixed group of year 3/4 children perform their 'Rainforest' dance.  It was such a good beat!


Parents also got to see the U Dance performance again - 'Victorian Street Urchins' 

What a lovely treat!


Mrs Jones

U Dance 2023 - Victorian Street Urchins

Rainforest Dance



A group of fifteen, Year 4 pupils attended the U dance festival on Friday 10th March. Their dance called ‘Victorian Street Urchins’ was met with rapturous applause from the audience.  


 The children had been practising hard since Christmas.  


It was an enjoyable but extremely tiring day.  Well done Year 4!


Mrs Jones

Water workshop with Tash from the Lake District National Park

Baptism Ceremony with Father John


We enjoyed a trip to church this morning to experience a Baptism workshop with Father John.  He explained what happened during a baptism ceremony.  We brought our own 'baby doll' in to get baptised and chose parents and god-parents.  It was a very informative session and helped with our understanding of this very important sacrament.


Mrs Jones

I've put some websites on here for practising different 'maths skills'


The children should also be;


Reading 3-4 times weekly

Practising their times tables

Logging onto Edshed to practise their weekly spellings.


Kind regards


Mrs Jones

States of Matter - Science Week in Class 3


The children have enjoyed their week so far, learning about the three 'States of Matter,' which are solids, liquids and gases.  


We've classified materials into solids and liquids and explained their properties.  We've also learned about different gases and carried out numerous experiments and then made instructions for others to follow.


Today, we've learned that all materials can change their state at different points.  


What a great time we're having so far!


Mrs Jones

YEAR 4 FRENCH: The Year 4s have been impressing Mrs Richardson with the paragraphs they have written and spoken in French, all about their pet animals! Be prepared to be impressed too!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

THE JANUARY CHALLENGE 2023 - 64 Million Artists


Class 3 were fortunate enough to be involved with the January Challenge project run by Claire from Penrith Library.  


Check out the attached flip-book which features work carried out by Class 3 and numerous other schools and libraries around the county.


What a wonderful opportunity to work alongside the community!


Mrs Jones

Times Table ARRAYS

The January Challenge 2023


We enjoyed a visit from Claire from the library today. We completed some activities from the January Challenge Champions pack. 


We thought about; what we are thankful for and what we see on the way to school. We also drew our favourite piece of clothing and asked our parents what their favourite childhood memory of clothing was. 


It was a lovely session!


Mrs Jones

U Dance - Reminder to purchase your tickets


I have attached the original letter regarding U Dance and how to purchase the tickets.  (click link to download)


Tickets are priced at £10.00 (this includes the Sands Centre’s booking fee) and go on sale on Monday 9th January 2023 and can be bought directly from Sands Centre box office   01228 633766. 


We advise that you buy your tickets as soon as you can and you buy for the correct performance – 10th March. Traditionally they sell out extremely quickly as there will be 20 schools performing on that evening.    


Mrs Jones

U Dance Details (Original letter sent to parents)

Our beautiful NATIVITY Calendars

Signing ‘White Christmas’ in BSL

Theatre by the Lake, Keswick


We had a lovely time watching 'The Borrowers,' at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick on Tuesday.  The actors and the set were amazing.  It was great fun clapping along with the music and trying to catch the bubbles.


Mrs Jones

The Borrowers

Christingle Carol Concert - Monday 12th January, 2022


We had our carol concert in church on Monday evening.  Class 3 led the carols and the scripture readings.  


Sophie was our wonderful 'live' Christingle.  


Class 4 came and sang 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' for us.  


The finale was Class 3 signing in Makaton the carol, 'White Christmas'  It was truly a magical evening!

(Photographs to follow)

Mrs Jones

Christingle Concert

Making our yummy snowman ⛄️ biscuits!

Enjoying making ‘Christingles’ for our carol concert!

Christmas Story Workshop at Christ Church, Penrith


We thoroughly enjoyed a Christmas story workshop today at Christ Church, Penrith with the volunteers that help there.  


It was an interactive session and very informative.  The children enjoyed the dramatic elements of the story.


Mrs Jones



Christmas Jumper Day - Aren't we all Jazzy!

Swimming Level Certificates - we received our certificates today.

Victorian Artefacts - we had a wonderful session today exploring various Victorian artefacts. We decided if they were a replica or real and had the chance to play with some of the games. We chose two to write about and analyse. It was wonderful to see items from the past!

Our beautiful poppies in Flanders Fields!

NOVEMBER- FRENCH: Some of Class 3 have been writing and talking in French about classroom objects.

Road Safety Week


We enjoyed a visit from PCSO Norman yesterday, who talked about Road Safety.  We found out lots of useful information about how to cross the road and how to behave in a vehicle.


We did a couple of activities in the classroom after too!


Mrs Jones




Science Week in Class 3



We are focusing on Forces and Magnets.  Today we found out that forces involve a ‘push’ or ‘pull’

We carried out a fair test to compare the movement of vehicles on different surfaces. What a great session!



Furious Forces

Addition and Subtraction (regrouping)

Visit to Penrith Library - Helen Haraldsen (Author) Workshop


We went to Penrith Library on Friday 7th October, to meet Helen Haraldsen, who we have been working with since we won her lovely book 'A Tale of Two Shoes'


Helen talked about her book and then we wrote some free verse poetry or prose based on the environment and the two characters out of the book, Shane and Sheila shoe.


The children also had the opportunity to purchase Helen's books and were presented with them on the day.  


It was a lovely experience to meet a 'real author'  We are still continuing English lessons based on this book, which we have found very exciting.


Thanks to Claire and Vicky at the library for their continuing support!




Mrs Jones

Author Workshop - Helen Haraldsen

National Poetry Day


Class 3 enjoyed National Poetry Day.  We listened to lots of poem to get us into the mood.  We also read some 'Pocket Poems' outside with a partner.  They were written by famous poets like, R.L. Stevenson and Enid Blyton.  


We then wrote our own descriptive poetry about Autumn using the format; adjective, noun, verb and adverb.  It was tricky but we got there, with lots of different versions!


Mrs Jones

Class 3 are Winners


Claire from Penrith Library entered Class 3 into a competition over the summer holidays, which we fortunately won!


We are going to have the opportunity to work with a local author, Helen Haraldsen and focus on her book, 'A Tale of Two Shoes'


We even got a free copy of the book presented to us from Claire at the library.


What exciting news!


Mrs Jones

Claire presenting the book to Class 3


These are all the letters, to date, that have been sent out:

Welcome to Class 3 - 2022/2023

Class 3 Teaching Staff