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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 3

Get Cumbria Buzzing ... Cumbria Wildlife Trust is inviting children aged 5-15 to enter their Cumbrian photo competition. They are asking for photos of pollinators with the chance of winning over £30 worth of prizes. Please see the attached poster for more details.

Class 3 - 2020/2021

Spelling Shed instruction letter to parents

Spelling Shed Advice

Year 4 have been enjoying their 'tennis' lessons with Ben each Thursday morning. They are developing lots off racquet and ball skills.

Roald Dahl homework!

Welcome back Class 3!


It was so lovely to have a whole week back at school.  The new Year 3 children are settling in well and getting used to the routines.  We've so far managed to:


  • Write a letter to the teacher (me!)
  • Start our new RE topic which is all about 'God's place in the family'
  • Log on to 'Times Table Rockstars' and have a session with the Year 4s showing the Year 3s how to set it up and practise
  • Enjoy a tennis session with Ben the coach
  • Start our new science topics - Year 4 'states of matter'    Year 3 'forces and motion'
  • Focus on 'Fantastic Mr Fox,' by Roald Dahl in our English skills lessons
  • Paint 'Fantastic Fauvist Foxes' and display them in the school hall - they are beautiful!


I'm looking forward to a fabulous year of learning!


Mrs Jones
































































Have a fantastic summer holiday! We can’t wait to see you in September! Love Mrs Jones and Miss Campbell 💕



Bonjour Class 3 wink

Ca Va?

Moi - Ca va tres bien merci.

This is it, last week of home learning. You have all done so fantastically well, I am so proud of you all.

'Fantastique' to all those that have logged on at some point during lockdown since March.

This week I have not added a new assignment, but feel free to revise all the assignments up to date so far. 

In September we will continue to use the 'Duolingo' app as it has been such a successful resource.

Have a fantastic summer holiday, can't wait to see you all in the Autumn term.

 Au revoir, Madam Richardson smiley

Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 13th July 2020 - Friday 17th July 2020




Hi All


We've finally got to the LAST WEEK of home learning before the Summer holidays  It's been a very strange and challenging time for us all.  However, we've made it and learned lots of exciting new things along the way.


I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to parents and carers and in particular my 'wonderful Class 3 children' who have been home schooling.  Your photographs, e-mails and updates have been wonderful!


I've uploaded my timetable and all the resources for the last week.  The Classroom Secrets pack this week has a 'French theme,' so I hope you enjoy it (they are not split into year groups for this last week.  It is a Key Stage 2 booklet, suitable for both Year 3 & Year 4).  You can access all their previous packs on their website (I have included the link on my timetable).


You can send me any e-mails this week but after that I am logging off for the Summer.  I hope you have a wonderful break ... hopefully the weather will be kind to us!  


See you all in September!


Lots of love


Mrs Jones


Here is the 'amended' muscles worksheet (with answers) as the other one didn't appear to be loading properly. Mrs Jones

Here is the booklet that I promised you about St Benedict of Nursia. I hope that you enjoy the activities! Mrs Jones

Hello everyone! We are very excited to hold

St. Catherine's first-ever Virtual Sports Day

and we are enthusiastically inviting you to participate!

Please see the attachment below.

We would love you to see photos of you in action, please send them to!

Good luck! 

Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 6th July 2020 - Friday 10th July 2020


Hi All


I hope you're having a great weekend.  I went out for 'morning coffee' and 'lunch' yesterday.  It was so nice to sit in a cafe with people around me.  What have you been up to?


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents. There are lots of lovely activities to keep everyone interested.  


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning.  There are still children that I would love to hear from.


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones


Weekly 'round up' of learning in Class 3


Matthew has had another fantastic week of learning.

He started the library reading challenge last week and has nearly finished his first book!

He also thoroughly enjoyed the science work, completing the worksheets by himself, which earned him a home learning hero certificate. Matthew also wrote a biography of Markus Persson who is a Swedish video game programmer. He also made the St. Peter’s fishers of men game.


Aaron enjoyed doing the fisherman game this week. He also tried hard to write his poem. He learned a lot about the human body and teeth names.


Marta did all the maths and English tasks. She wrote her own poem based on the Amulet poem.  She also did the plural possession sentences and she wrote descriptive sentences about jewellery. Marta wrote a short letter to her sister. She enjoyed doing Edshed and  TT Rockstars too. Marta has also found her love of reading again!




Mrs Jones

Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 29th June 2020 - Friday 3rd July 2020


Gosh, we're having a 'wet' weekend!  I hope you're able to still get about for some fresh air.


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents. There are lots of lovely activities to keep everyone interested.  


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning.  There are still children that I would love to hear from.


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones


Weekly 'roundup' of learning


Another great week of home learning by the Class 3 children.  Check out the photographs.  


Amelia is  reading a book called 'Weird Facts.'  Her favourite facts are:


  • A litter of kittens is called a kindle. 
  • A dog can make over 100 different facial expressions. 
  • Turtles have been around longer than dinosaurs. 
  • The Astronaut Neil Armstrong left his space boots on the moon. 


Amelia has also been doing her Kennings poetry. She liked thinking of 2 letter words ending in 'er' about cats. 


Marta also wrote a 'Kennings poem.' She has been on  Edshed and TT Rockstars every day and has been reading books on Oxford Owl and my reading comprehension booklet about 'Spiders'  She has watched all the videos on BBC Bitesize. Marta followed the instructions in the videos about fractions too. Marta and her mum read together about John the Baptist.  From the art task, Marta made Mandarin heart shapes. Finally, she made ice-cream from scratch thinking about flavours and what equipment she needed.  


Tomasz and Maja have been busy at home too!


Mrs Jones



Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 22nd June 2020 - Friday 26th June 2020


Hope you're having a great weekend!


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents. There are lots of lovely activities to keep everyone interested.  


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning.  There are still children that I would love to hear from.


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones


Weekly 'roundup' of learning


Happy Father's Day!


We've had some lovely activities this week and lots of children have been kept busy.  Check out our home learning photographs.  


Hope you're having a lovely day!


Mrs Jones



Digital Summer Reading Challenge


Cumbria Libraries are excited to announce…..


The all-new digital Summer Reading Challenge is starting early this year!


Due to the disruption to schools and libraries caused by Covid-19, the Summer Reading Challenge looks a little different this year but promises to be just as much fun as ever! This year the theme is ‘Silly Squad’.


Cumbria Libraries will be regularly posting ideas, activities and competitions on their social media pages – see   or your local library’s Facebook page.


The attached document explains how it works and how children can participate. 


Have fun reading!


Mrs Jones

Library Summer Reading Challenge

Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 15th June 2020 - Friday 19th June 2020


Hope you're having a great weekend.  The weather is gorgeous again!


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents. There are lots of lovely activities to keep everyone interested.  


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning.  There are still children that I would love to hear from.


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones


Weekly 'roundup' of learning


Aaron has been doing some French this week and a lot of reading and writing so his mum gave him a certificate for excellent English. He did the 200 spelling words sheet where he had only 4 mistakes which he corrected on his second try. He also did maths every day.


Aaron also coloured in the Trinity picture and he enjoyed going to the farm to see the pigs and cows and see how they behave in their own habitat.


Marta enjoyed the work set this week. She particularly liked the maths, where she had to follow the instructions on fractions. 

After reading instructions about how flat bread was made in the Stone Age, Marta followed the recipe and made her own flat bread and even made flour from oats.

She also enjoyed watching Daily Bitesize. Marta also made homemade play dough and a nest sculpture.

In addition she investigated different food chains and read about the Trinity and drew a picture.

Finally she wrote a play script scene for Little Red Riding Hood. 


Super effort!

Mrs Jones


8.6.20 Please click on the link below for this weeks maths lessons:

Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 8th June 2020 - Friday 12th June 2020


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents. My focus this week is 'Playscripts'


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning. 


I set those children that I haven't heard from a challenge to get in touch this week!


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones


Weekly 'round up' of learning


Marta has been busy with the work that has been set. She has focused on writing about Jesus and made the 'Fruits of the Spirit' craft.


Aaron has been busy doing the 'Fruits of the Spirit' work and some lovely craft activities including making a 'Wrestlers ring' out of lolly pop sticks.


Chloe has been working through Bitesize and has also (with Joseph’s help) had fun making a theme park ride for her teddies. Joseph has worked hard on his biography about the Liverpool goal keeper and his poster about invertebrates and vertebrates.  Both children enjoyed a trip to Brotherswater fishing. They managed to catch a couple of small fish which they returned to the water. 


Mrs Jones



P.S Class 3, check out the Music page to find out more about the

Virtual Big Sing on Friday 19th June.

There you'll find out which two celebrities (so far) who will be joining in with the Virtual Big Sing. smiley Mrs Richardson 



How did we spend our half term holiday?


Charlotte and Isabella have been focusing on fresh air and nature. They've been looking at all the different flowers around them and how things are changing now it’s summer. 


Charlotte has also been loving training her rescue dog and has done a great job. Isabella tried on her school uniform too!


Mya had a busy week. 

Day 1 She went down to the river at Langwathby.

Day 2 Had a walk down to Lacey caves. 

Day 3 Enjoyed a picnic at Mosedale/Mungrisdale. 

Day 4 Visited Castle Park. 


What fun!


Mrs Jones



Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 1st June 2020 - Friday 5th June 2020


I hope that you had a great half term week.  The weather has been absolutely brilliant!


I've attached my home learning plan for this week and the Classroom Secrets home learning packs with guidance and answers for parents.


Have a great week of learning.  Any problems please email me -  Don't forget to send me photographs of your home learning.  There are still children that I would love to hear from.


Take care!


Missing you all!

Mrs Jones





HALF TERM - Week commencing 25th May 2020


Hi All


Well we've made it to half term, with some exceptional home learning along the way!


I'm not setting any formal lessons this week as I feel that we all need a good rest.  However, it's important that you still read each day to develop your skills.  TTRS (times tables) and Edshed (for spelling) are still available during half term.  BBC Bitesize are not doing any new lessons this week, however, you can still access their back catalogue of lessons.  You can also access some on-line learning from Classroom Secrets at the link underneath.  


Pentecost is on Sunday 31st May, 2020.  The festival of Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks. I've attached the story of Pentecost to read.  I've also attached a Pentecost craft (and the web-link) if you want to make it through half term. 



Have a good rest and recuperate!



Mrs Jones


Pentecost Pin Wheel Craft (template) and story

Weekly 'round up' of learning


Marta enjoyed the activities set this week.  She wrote a lovely thank you letter to Captain Tom and made the 'Ascension' cloud.  Lovely crafts!


Aaron grew a rainbow this week.  He has also been reading lots on Oxford Owl and practising French and Polish on the Duolingo app.


Chloe and Joseph enjoyed the work set for this week. They wrote lovely thank you letters to Captain Tom. They also grew a ‘rainbow’. Joseph has also been busy using Lego to spell out words. They are also growing some sunflowers out of seeds they found in their bird food and transferring them to individual pots this weekend. 


Khloe and Katey have been doing the work set about Captain Tom. They went on a long walk and found some rocks which the girls have painted and hidden round where they live for other children to find. Khloe has been doing lots on times tables and some work on fact families.

Both girls have planted sunflower seeds and are going to see which one grows the tallest.


Matthew really enjoyed creating a video on Scratch. He has also grown a rainbow. He even created a rainbow made with skittles.

Matthew enjoyed decorating the front of the house with his amazing drawings.


Freya has been looking at letter writing.


Antony enjoyed growing his own rainbow. Wow!


Ben has been really busy this week.  He has; grown a rainbow, written a thank you letter to Captain Tom, made the Spitfire and RE craft. He has also been completing lots in his home learning booklets.


Super learning!


Mrs Jones

Home Learning - Week Commencing Monday 18th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020


I've attached the home learning plan for week commencing Monday 18th May, 2020.  This week's learning focuses on Captain Tom Moore (Captain Tom) and his brilliant fundraising efforts for the NHS.


The new Classroom Secret home learning packs have also been put on with the usual guidance notes for parents.  Don't forget that BBC Bitesize are also doing daily lessons.  All the details are in my weekly plan.


I heard from lots of different children last week and had some amazing stories and photographs about what you've been learning at home.  There are still children I have yet to hear from.  Please do get in touch - as I'd love to hear from you!


Have a great week of learning!  Don't forget that your brain needs lots of exercise too!  Keep that 'growth mindset' going.


Kind Regards


Mrs Jones

Weekly 'Round Up' of Learning/Activities


What a busy week you've had!  


Chloe and Joseph have been extremely busy this week.  After a great social distancing garden party on Friday (Chloe got really into the spirit ... see photo ) they have been busy getting on with their homework. Joseph enjoyed writing his recount of the VE celebrations and colouring the glider (which did fly!) After completing a Bitesize section about code, Chloe felt inspired to write to Alan Turing to say thank you for decoding the German messages. (The Enigma Machine)  They also made Mary crafts and 'The Way, the Truth and Life' crafts.


Charlotte and Isabella enjoyed 'VE Day', baked and even coloured hair!  Lots of practical activities this week.


Theo has been busy learning all about 'time' in maths.  Gracie has been baking.


Justin wrote about VE Day and made flags.  He has also been home baking.  Justin has been helping his sister Olivia out with the horses whilst out walking.


Mya has been working hard at maths and doing the daily BBC Bitesize lessons online.


Eddie also enjoyed VE Day.  He wrote; a recount of the day spent at home, a diary entry as an evacuee and did lots of timeline and history research about WWII.  

Eddie has also been writing a private diary and 'up levelling' his work (checking to see how he can improve his writing).  He has also been working on 'perimeter' in maths.  Check out his measurement photographs.  An architect in the making!


Paige has been carrying out science experiments with baking soda.  She made a delicious cake afterwards.


I'm so impressed with your home learning Class 3.  Keep it up!



Mrs Jones




Home Learning - Week commencing Monday 11th May 2020-Friday 15th May 2020


Hi Class 3,


I hope that you had a great VE Day!


I've attached my new home learning plan for week commencing Monday 11th May.  The new home learning packs are on too with guidance notes and answers for parents.


Keep sending in your photographs and updates as I love to hear from you.  I've still not heard from you all though, so drop me an e-mail to tell me how you're getting on. 


Keep those brains active!


Missing you all,


Mrs Jones


I’ve included the link to Shaun Gardner’s new lesson which focuses on shooting and finishing in football.

On Friday, VE Day Miss Campbell walked into Penrith and around the town. These were some of the celebrations she saw and took pictures of!

Weekly 'round up' of learning


We've had some lovely learning this week! It was so nice to see the preparations you'd made for VE Day.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jones

Happy VE Day!

I've included two more activities for VE Day. Have a go at decorating and making your own 'Spitfire' and see if you can crack the codes using 'Morse Code.' Have fun! Mrs Jones

Home Learning – Week Commencing Monday 4th May 2020 – Friday 8th May 2020


Hi Children (and Parents)


I’ve put your home learning on for the week. This week’s learning will be centred around VE Day, which is on Friday 8th May 2020. 


VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is the day on which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe. We are celebrating its 75th anniversary!


I’ve put a lovely KS2 home learning pack on with a VE Day theme.  Please choose the relevant year group for your child, which is Years 3/4, as there is also learning on there for years 5/6. There are helpful guidance notes for parents too!


Please let me know how you are celebrating this momentous occasion.  Are you having a tea-party at home and putting bunting up?  I would love to see your celebrations at home.  Send your photographs to my usual e-mail address –


Have a great week.  Missing you all terribly!



Mrs Jones



P.S. I’ve also included another home learning pack dated 4.5.20. from Classroom Secrets for each year group (Year 3 and Year 4)


Check out BBC Bitesize – they are doing daily lessons to support home learning.  They’re adding three new lessons every weekday for each year group.[Bitesize~C~~BitesizeDaily_Verizon]-[Verizon]-[0]-[0]  

Weekly 'Roundup' of Learning and Activities at Home


It's been lovely to receive lots of photographs this week of your home learning.  Activities have included; writing (poetry and stories), baking, cooking, Lego building, painting, gardening and woodwork (check out Eddie's resurrection cross) to name but a few.  


Keep sending the photographs in as I love to hear from you all!


Kind Regards

Mrs Jones

Message from Penrith Library


Penrith Library would like to remind you that next Friday is VE Day.


Even though many events have had to be cancelled in the area, we hope you will still help us commemorate the day by contacting your pupils, parents, teachers and anyone who might be interested and asking them to take part in our attempts to create VE Day bunting for our Facebook page!


If you know of anyone who would like to take part, please ask them to:


·       Print out the attached template

·       Decorate the template and let us know how they have celebrated the day, by writing in the 

        centre of the template in clear letters, what activity they have done (see attached photos)      

·       Email a photo of the bunting to


We would also love to see photos of families celebrating VE day but ask that they are sent to the same email address as a separate photograph


We look forward to seeing your decorated bunting photos!



Bev and Claire

Penrith Library

Bunting Template

Hi Class 3


I can’t tell you how much I’m missing you at the moment! I hope that you’re all still logging on and seeing what I’ve set you for the week.  Keep working hard through the different areas of learning.  It’s really important that you do something every day to keep your ‘brain active.’


Don’t forget that I love to hear from you!  You can send any updates or photographs to


I’ve heard from a few children but not all of you.  This week, I challenge you to send me a photograph of you ‘at home’ working hard.  Let’s see by the end of the week if I’ve heard from everyone. That would really make my week!


Stay safe.  I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love and hugs

Mrs Jones



I've also added 'NEW' Year 3 and Year 4 home learning packs to complement the work that I have been setting.

Week Commencing - Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020


I've put on the weekly plan from Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April 2020.


Keep up the hard work!


Mrs Jones


Inspirational quotes of the week from Mrs Jones and Miss Campbell!

Thursday 16th April 2020


From next week, I will be putting up a weekly timetable of learning.  Click on the below example document to see the format. Have a look on this class page for activities set to date this week. These have included;


  • 14.4.20. - tasks from Mrs Richardson in French and Music.


  • 14.4.20.  Tasks from me -
  1. Computing activities
  2. Writing a set of instructions
  3. Maths activity mat


  • 15.4.20. – New learning booklet where I have suggested 1 maths, 1 literacy and 1 other activity per day.
  • 16.4.20. – 1 maths, 1 literacy and 1 other activity.
  • 17.4.20. – 1 maths, 1 literacy and 1 other activity.


Miss Campbell and I hope that you are all keeping safe and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine.  If you have any queries about this week’s home learning, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Also, keep the photographs coming in. I will be posting them as a group at the end of the week and then taking them down for the following week, so that the web page doesn’t slow down.


Take care

Mrs Jones and Miss Campbell

Tuesday 14th April 2020


I have put a hyper-link on here to another FREE home learning pack  from TTS (it is a curriculum focused independent learning booklet) for KS2 (7-11 years) which I think the children will enjoy.  It will certainly keep them entertained with its 104 pages.  Activities can be downloaded and printed or alternatively read off the screen and completed on a separate piece of paper.


The booklet recommends that children undertake a Literacy and Numeracy task everyday plus one other lesson from another subject area. The lessons have been designed to be “pick and mix” so you do not need to follow any particular order.


Please don't overload your child and expect them to complete numerous pages each day. Please follow the advice given!


Click on the link below, scroll down and download the 7-11 years pack.  The KS1 booklet is also on there if your child is finding the KS2 one slightly tricky.


The answer book(s) are also on there to support you as a parent.



Mrs Jones


Monday 13th April 2020 - Year 3 and Year 4 maths activity mats. Print off or read the questions off the screen and complete the work on a spare piece of paper.

Monday 13th April 2020




Today, I would like you to write a set of instructions using bossy 'imperative verbs'


These instructions could be about anything, for example baking a cake, cleaning your teeth, growing a vegetable or whatever you choose.


Remember 'bossy' verbs give a command.  (cut, slice, brush, wash, stir, spread, pour etc).  Think about when I put 'Little Miss Bossy' on the board at school and how she tells everybody what to do and gets straight to the point.


Instructions need to be in order of how you complete them.  Pretend that an 'alien' has just dropped out of the sky and doesn't know how to do your task. If you're not concise enough they won't be able to follow your instructions.


Mrs Jones

Monday 13th April 2020




I've put a couple of activities on here to complete about 'online safety'  You can view them via the documents which have the web links on.  It explains as a parent how to support your child through the activities.  I've also put the hyper links which will lead you to the clips.


Happy computing!


Mrs Jones


Aaron has been extremely busy!


Aaron has been busy doing PE with Joe every morning.  He has also been practising his goalkeeping skills. 


The ‘super’ news is that he designed and drew a picture of a ‘new creature’ which made it into the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald last week. Aaron has been checking the school website regularly and has coloured pictures and also made an Easter basket which he printed out from the school page.


Aaron has been helping around the house by hoovering his own bedroom and making his own sandwiches for lunch. He’s even baked ‘banana bread’ Yum!


He is reading a lot and made rainbows with his siblings.  He is doing Ed Shed and TT Rock Stars every day. 


What a busy boy!

Shaun Gardner


Miss Campbell's Chocolate Shortbread      yes


Miss Campbell has been busy baking.  Why don't you try out her recipe and let me know how you get on!



8 oz self rising flour

1 oz cocoa powder

6 oz margarine

6 oz sugar

1 egg

Sugar to sprinkle



1.  Preheat oven to 160 c.

2.  Melt margarine in a bowl on a low heat.

3.  Weigh out the flour, sugar and cocoa powder.  Pour into a bowl and mix.

4.  Grease a tin with a lip (not a flat tray).

5.  Pour the melted margarine into the dry ingredients then pour in the beaten egg.

6.  Mix all the ingredients well - it does look funny!

7.  Press the mixture evenly into the tray with a fork.

8.  Bake for 18 minutes at 160 c.

9.  Sprinkle with sugar.

10. Let it cook and cut.

11. Finally enjoy!   heart

Chloe's busy days!



Chloe has been reading a lot at home.  Her love of books is legendary!  


She has also completed her sound waves homework by making a set of ear defenders - they are amazing! Chloe wrote her acrostic poem based on Easter and designed an anti-noise pollution poster for our recent science topic on 'sound.'


Joseph has also completed his volcano homework and an acrostic poem. 


Both have been working on mass by baking lemon drizzle cake (delicious by all accounts) and playing darts with their Dad. Joseph and Chloe won! 


Great ways to keep busy - well done!



Fintan has been researching about our new topic 'Volcanoes' and writing a report.  He has also been keeping fit with Joe Wicks online and brushing up on his French skills.


Archie has been reading and playing maths games with his big brother.  


Well done both!

Marta's Volcano


Marta has been carrying out experiments at home on 'Volcanoes'.  She followed up her scientific work with a report on how volcanoes erupt!


Her other news is that her 'radishes' are now fully grown ready to be picked.

A child friendly book explaining all about the 'Coronavirus'

Matthew has written a detailed report about 'Earthquakes.' Superb research and report!

Eddie's Home Learning


Eddie has been busy finding out about 'volcanoes.'  He carried out an experiment with citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and red food colouring to show how a volcano erupts.  Eddie followed it up with a fantastic report. Superb work!

Marta's Home Learning


Marta has been extremely busy at home.  She has been; learning her times tables, reading regularly and writing book reviews.  She has also enjoyed lots of time in the garden helping out with her own fruit and flowers.  Marta has baked a cake and written her own recipe.  She has also been thinking about others by making birthday cards for elderly neighbours to cheer them up. 


It's great to see Marta has been keeping busy and active!

Weather Home Learning Pack


I've put a home learning pack on here which focuses on 'The Weather.'  There is a guidance leaflet for parents to read prior to your child completing the pack.  Hopefully there are lots of exciting activities in there which will excite learning!


Mrs Jones


Joseph's Home Learning


Joseph has been very busy doing lots of  homework and wanted to share what he's been getting up to.


He really enjoyed writing a book review on 'Bad Dad' by David Walliams.  There were lots of funny new words he had never heard of - huggle (hug and cuddle) catastrophe, considerable and gawping. He's also enjoyed 'Auntie Flips' poems (they are bad!) 


Joseph has also been around the house measuring different items in cm and mm and made a word search with his statutory spellings. 


Superb learning Joseph!

Antony has been busy writing an exciting non-chronological report about Volcanoes. Well done!

HOLY WEEK! Attached is a lovely workbook all about Holy Week. You can either print it off and work through it (if you have a printer) or read it off a screen to complete the activities. We need to remember this special time!

Friday 27th March 2020


Morning Class 3.  Hope you're safe and well.  Don't forget to enjoy the sunshine in your gardens and get some fresh air.  


We're celebrating my son Benjamin's 20th birthday today (in the house and garden) and enjoying some family time.




I'd like you to send me photographs of your reading at home today.  Let me know what books you are enjoying.  Who is the author? What else has the author written?  Are there any unknown words you've had to check the meaning of?  Get your parents to ask you questions about the text.


As we are moving on to the topic of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, (leaving Ancient Maya behind).  Please do some research on this new topic.  


I'd then like you to write a non-chronological report (we wrote one in class about the Vikings) about Volcanoes or Earthquakes. Don't forget a heading, sub-headings, drawings, pictures with captions and labels, 'Did you know facts?'.  I've attached an example of a report and a suggested template for the layout.  Don't forget to e-mail me  a close up of your report so I can put it on the website. 


Happy researching!

Mrs Jones

Amy and Emily have been hard at work writing their 'Acrostic Poem' and designing a poster about 'Noise Pollution' Absolutely lovely to see children working hard at home still! Brilliant work!


Miss C keeping fit!

Miss Campbell has completed Joe Wick's PE lessons every day.  She hopes that Class 3 are joining in too!


Joe is on every day at 


Have fun whilst keeping active Class 3!


Miss Campbell


Maths - Year 3


As we have been learning about Volume and Capacity in our maths lessons.  Please log on to as there are a few interactive games to practise reading scales.  Use the drop down menus - Maths - KS2.


Another game can be found here - 


Keep learning!

Mrs J

Spring Acrostic Poem. I've attached an acrostic poem all about the beautiful season of SPRING. I'd like you to write an acrostic poem. Don't forget in an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line spells a word. The word is the subject of the poem. .

Hi Class 3

I'm busy updating the 'Science Big Books' and seeing what fun we've had through our recent topics of Rocks and fossils (Year 3) and Sound (Year 4).  If you're online check out the following websites that are great for these two topics -  


This tells you all about how trace, trackway and amber fossils were formed millions of years ago.  


Check out - this website has lots of clips and ideas about how sound travels. Look under Science (KS2).


Year 4 - I would like you to design a poster about an aspect of 'NOISE POLLUTION'  Some ideas are in the bullet points below.  


  • street traffic sounds from cars, buses, pedestrians, ambulances etc.

  • construction sounds like drilling or other heavy machinery in operation

  • airports, with sounds from air traffic, i.e. planes taking off or landing

  • constant loud music

  • industrial sounds like fans, generators, compressors, mills

  • train station traffic

  • household sounds, from the television set to music playing on the stereo or computer, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, lawnmowers etc.

  • events involving fireworks, loudspeakers etc.


Draw and write on your poster what the problem is to people in society. 


Get your parents to take a photograph of your poster and e-mail them to me on 


I'll look forward to reading them soon!


Stay safe!


Mrs Jones


 Wednesday 25th March 2020


Hi Class 3

I hope that you're all enjoying the sunshine in your gardens but staying extremely safe at the same time!


Hopefully, you'll be working your way through the pack that I sent home.  Take your time over the pack as there was a lot there to complete.  It doesn't all have to be finished this week! Remember to build in breaks to get some fresh air.  


How about logging on to the website 'The World of David Walliams' He is reading a story every day at 11am (Elevenses with The World of David Walliams) for your enjoyment. 


Today's story is 'Grubby Gertrude'  Listen closely to the story and then draw a picture of Gertrude.  How could you describe her?  How about writing another grubby story involving Gertrude.  Can you use amazing sentence openers, like a fronted adverbial ... for example,  'Earlier that day, Grubby Gertrude' ...  etc.  Don't forget you can also use ISPACED.  I've put a copy of the ISPACED poster on here that we use in class.


Hopefully, I'll try and post something new each school day to keep you occupied.  Don't forget to log on to for maths, English and all the foundation subjects.  Most games are interactive for an Ipad or tablet.


Keep up with your times tables and spelling shed work too!


Stay safe!


Mrs Jones





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Ideas for Home Learning

Year 3 and 4 - Home Learning Timetable

Maya mapping - we have been mapping out where the ancient Mayan people used to live and comparing it to the present day map. We also prepared information leaflets with key facts that we had found out about the Mayan people.

Year 4 have been finding out about amplitude, frequency and pitch in their science lessons on sound. We’ve enjoyed listening to lots of sounds made by the different instruments. Two of the children brought in guitars from home to listen to the different pitch made by the strings.

Year 3 have been carrying out fair tests on rocks. Tests have included a hardness, permeability and acid test. This is to gauge what groups of rocks they fit into (igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary)

Ash Wednesday - we received the sign of the cross today during our special mass.

Writer’s Week - Class 3 enjoyed looking at ‘The Lost Words’ spell book by Robert Macfarlane. Looking at the pictures of the lost words in nature inspired us to write diamante poems and senses poetry. We had fun searching for pictures connected to the lost words in the classroom and completing word searches. Our art was inspired by the taxidermy animals that we observed closely during an art lesson on shading. It was a great week!

The Maya created a written language. Maya hieroglyphics are often referred to as "glyphs" for short. The Maya had about 800 symbols. Archaeologists have figured out what many of the symbols mean, but not all of them. Some glyphs were used as numbers. Some were used as sounds. Some were phrases or words. We enjoyed making our own 'glyph' template using cardboard and raised string. We then used poster paint on the string only to 'print' our own glyphs with their pronunciation and meaning.

Spring 2020

Year 4 French:

Qui est dans ta famille?

(Who is in your family?)


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Spring 2020

Year 3's Superb French:

Dans Votre trousse/sac?

(What is in your pencil case/bag?)



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Autumn 2019

Year 3 French

Tell us a little about yourself......


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Year 4 are excited about their new topic of ‘Sound’ in science. We carried out lots of experiments to find out how sound travels. We used vibrating tuning forks, twanged rulers on desks and also watched how rice vibrates on a drum skin. We are currently making string telephones to see how they work.

Year 3 are learning about rocks and soils in science. They devised a ‘fair test’ to categorise rocks into the rock groups igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. They carried out a hardness test. Next week we will be doing a similar test with water and acid vinegar.

Ancient Maya - our new topic is all about Ancient Maya. We found out that they built pyramids which they believed were alive, so they painted them red like blood. Our Lego buildings are fab!

Human 'Circuit' - we made a human simple circuit during science today. When the current was flowing the bulb lit and when the switch was opened our bulb went out. What fun!

Shadow Puppet Theatres - as we are learning about 'light and shadows' some children made shadow puppet theatres at home. We had Peter Pan, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk and even a Polish folk tale 'The Dragon of Krakow. The children enjoyed turning the classroom lights off and acting out their fairy tales in the dark with a light source. What fun!

Christmas Jumper Day - look at all our different jumpers!

Road Safety Talk - PCSO Mark Robson visited us this week to talk about road safety. It was a very informative session!

Visit to Penrith Library - Class 3 enjoyed listening to stories and playing Victorian parlour games at the library this week. It was a super fun session.

Year 3 have been doing lots of experiments with 'mirrors' in science as part of their 'light and shadows' topic.

Year 4 have been testing electrical circuits in science. They had to predict if the circuit would work before testing it.

Viking BROOCHES - Class 3 children have enjoyed making their Viking brooches. First of all, they designed a brooch in their art books and cut the cardboard to the correct shape. Wool was applied to the cardboard in their chosen design. The cardboard was then covered in tin foil and the design was carefully raised by smoothing it. The brooches were adorned with jewels and a pin. They are fantastic!

Silhouette War Art by Class 3 - Remembrance 2019

Class 3’s ‘Remembrance’ display.

Year 3 carried out an investigation and found out that ‘darkness is the absence of light’ and that ‘light travels in a straight line’ during their new science topic of LIGHT AND SHADOWS.’

Year 4 had an exploratory session to introduce them to their new science topic of ELECTRICITY. What fun!

Class 3 have made beautiful Viking jewellery (BROOCHES). They designed their own brooch and then had to fashion the design out of wool. The wool design was covered with tin foil and the pattern then rubbed carefully to raise the design. Sharpie pens were used to cover the raised design. Jewels and adornments were then added. They are highly effective!

Class 3 leading the responsorial psalms and bidding prayers at the ‘All Saints day’ mass. A lovely service!

Year 4 have been looking at historic timelines (BC and AD) we tried to organise eras of history into a long timeline.

VIKINGS - Class 3 are enjoying learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Year 3 have been doing addition with 3-digit numbers. It’s been a bit tricky remembering to ‘carry under the doorstep’ and to ensure our columns are in straight lines for adding!

French - Class 3 are enjoying the new French dictionaries with Mrs Richardson. What fun searching for new vocabulary!

Year 4 - STATES OF MATTER . Year 4 have been learning about solids, liquids and gases in their science lessons. They enjoyed a 'changes over time' temperature experiment whilst using thermometers.

Year 3 FORCES & MAGNETS - Year 3 have been enjoying carrying out experiments on forces and magnets.

THE STORY OF JACOB AND ESAU - we learned the story about Jacob and Esau. We learned that Esau gave his 'birthright' away for a bowl of stew. In groups we did an activity about things in our life that are eternal or temporary. We also looked closely at the scripture in the Holy Bible. A group did a beautiful liturgy on the theme of families!

Class 3 have been making 'Viking Longships' in DT. We learned lots of facts about these ancient modes of transport. They were tricky to make but are very effective!

Year 3 and Year 6 on Times Table Rockstars - Year 6s showed the Year 3 children how to use the game to hone their multiplication skills.

Year 3 have been practising lots of 'fact families' in maths!

Class 3 - Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Class 3.  Please find an introductory newsletter about our learning this term.  Copies went out to parents, but you can download a further copy here!
Academic Year 2019-20