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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Hello Children, you are working so hard. I am very proud. Today's tasks are:



How well can you compare objects? What objects in your house can you compare?



Today's text focuses on the importance of keeping our ocean clean.

I am sure you could explain why this is so important!

How many words can you read in 60 seconds today? Please remember to answer the questions too!



Today your task is to complete your FOURTH sea creature fact-file!

(I've attached the same template below for you to choose your sea creature.)

I am looking forward to seeing your complete fact-file.

Please can you check you've included a range of punctuation ( ? ! . , )

Try to remember to read your work-out to check for any little corrections.



Today's PE challenges are based on Speed, Stamina and Strength! Good luck!


Year 2 Maths - Compare objects

PE - Speed

Developing sprint technique & challenges

PE - Stamina

Can you complete tasks to improve running style, star jumps, boxing & burpees?

PE - Strength



Hello children, Mrs Richardson here. Below is the link to your Science lesson for today: