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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 2

ART: This half-term in Art, Class 2 are looking at the work of Lowry. We have analysed his paintings by considering what we like and dislike about the pictures. We have also looked at the 3 primary colours Lowry uses and how white makes a colour lighter and black makes a colour darker. We explored this mixing to create our own seascape paintings!

JANUARY - We have had so much fun playing in the snow this week in Class 2! The children have explored the feeling of snow and made some exciting snow sculptures!

AUTUMN TERM - YEAR 2 SCIENCE: During this topic, the children learnt all about the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, paper and cardboard. The children then went on to compare the suitability of different everyday materials for different purposes. They explored how objects made of some everyday materials can change shape and how the recycling process is able to reuse some everyday materials numerous times. The topic finished with the children learning about new discoveries which have made over time with a specific focus on John McAdam. A range of learning activities were used in this unit including, discussions, debates, sequencing and a local walk where children work scientifically to identify the uses of everyday materials in the local area.

AUTUMN TERM- YEAR 1 SCIENCE: In this topic, the children learnt about everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, water and rock. They leant to identify and name everyday materials and had the opportunity to explore the properties of these materials. The children also carried out a simply investigation to help them decide which material would be most suitable to use for an umbrella. At the end of the unit, the children could apply their knowledge of everyday materials to sort objects by their properties. A range of learning activities were used including discussions, labelling and matching activities, games, and an investigation to encourage where children have the opportunity to ask and find out the answers to questions.

December 2022: Today in Class 2 we had a very special visitor! We were all so excited and grateful for the gifts Santa brought us. We had great fun with the wrapping too! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Class 2.

December 2022: Nativity! Class 1 and 2 were absolute superstars in our Nativity today. They sang and performed like stars and we were so proud of everyone!

December 2022: Christmas Jumper Day! Today was Christmas Jumper Day. The children had some fantastic jumpers on and we all enjoyed Sue's beautiful Christmas Dinner! A lovely festive day in Class 2!

December 2022: Mass: The children in Class 2 attended a Mass service today in church! They were very well behaved!

December 2022: Advent: In line with our RE topic on Preparing, we have designed our own Advent Wreaths. We discussed what each candle represents and why there are 4. The children have really enjoyed discussing how they prepare for Christmas including what they are thankful for.

November 2022: Autumn: This half-term our topic is Autumn. We have used our outdoor areas for inspiration to write Autumn poems. The children went outside to draw what they could see, hear, smell, taste and feel. This then built the foundations for their lovely 'Autumn Senses' poems they wrote.

November 2022: Road Safety Week: As part of Road Safety Week 2022, we were very lucky to have a visit from PC Norman. She did some work with us on how we can keep safe when we are walking and crossing the roads. She also reminded us how we should behave when we are in the car. We really enjoyed her session!

October 2022: DISCO! We held a KS1 Fancy Dress Disco in our school hall! It was great fun and there were some amazing costumes. We played games and danced for exciting prizes!

September 2022: Space: This half-term our topic has been Space! We have made some incredible models using materials in the classroom and we wrote letters to Bob the astronaut. He even wrote back! We took a trip to space in our Class 2 rocket! Class 2 are experts at ordering planets!

September 2022: Autumn Magnificent Maths: This term in Maths we have been working so hard on our Number Bonds and Adding and Subtracting! We have used many resources and methods to help us to be mathematicians.

Year 1 have just competed their first Science topic: Animals Including Humans. In this unit, the children learnt about five of the groups that scientists use to classify animals: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. They learnt how to identify the group an animal belongs to by its features and classified the animals according to their group. They also learnt about the different diets animals eat. The children learn about the parts of the human body and had the opportunity to explore the five senses through a simple investigation.

Year 2 have just completed their first Science topic: Animals Including Humans (including life cycles). In this topic, the children began by looking at animal young and comparing them to their adults. They looked at how animals change as they grow up and was introduced to the life cycles of several varied common animals. They looked in detail at how humans change as they grow older, drawing on their own observations. The children were introduced to the three basic needs of animals for survival (water, food and air). They applied this knowledge alongside research from secondary sources, to suggest ways to look after pets. The children also looked at healthy lifestyles, including the importance of exercise, healthy eating and hygiene. The children developed the skill ‘working scientifically’ through investigating the impact of exercise on our bodies and how handwashing is essential for good hygiene.