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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Well done Children today is Friday!



Yesterday you compared objects, today you are comparing numbers!

Do you know any symbols you could use to show a comparison?



Today you have the chance to learn even more information about sea creatures using the fact cards. Please have a go at answering the questions too.

(You could always add some new facts to your see creatures fact-files!)



Today I would like you to complete your FIFTH and final sea creatures fact-file.

Then, I would love you to collate all your brilliant sea creature fact-files together and create your very own mini fact-file book! I cannot wait to see your final books and read about all the information you've included.


Zoom - 12:30pm

Today I would love you to share your Sea Creatures Factfile with your peers by showing and reading a page out! Or, you can share another piece of work from this week that you are proud of!

I can't wait to see!



At 1pm you have the chance to meet some amazing sea creatures in a LIVE National Aquarium lesson. Then, at 1.30 you will be in for a treat with a short story from Marina the Mermaid! Enjoy!

Year 2 Maths - Compare numbers



Hello children, Mrs Richardson here.


I hope you all learnt something new in the 'bonus music' lesson. In the link below you'll find the 2nd lesson in this series of lessons.


Have any of you started to learn a new instrument yet in Charanga Music World yet? I have seen some of you have logged onto Charanga Music World, which is just wonderful. If you can't remember your log in details, don't forget you can email me on Also I would love to see any photos or videos of you learning your new instrument. 


Have a lovely weekend all, take care, I'll be in touch again next week.


Mrs Richardsonsmiley