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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Year One

Week of Monday 18th May



Week of Monday 11th May

This week I would like you to have a go at the 'Warm-up' maths questions below.

They can repeated several times / daily and your challenge is to beat your score or the time taken to correctly answer all the questions on a given page! (Don't forget you can use resources to help!)



I would also like you to focus on money!


1. I would love you to collect all the different coins you can!

2. Perhaps you could draw around them.


3. Can you order them in size, from smallest to largest?

4. Can you order them in value from the least valuable coin to the most valuable coin?


5. Can you recognise the different coins and say their correct name (using their size, colour, shape and markings to help)? Perhaps an adult could say a coin name and you have to point to it?



Can you add some pence (p) coins together?

What is the smallest total you can make? What is the largest total you can make?


Week of Monday 4th May 

Addition and Subtraction

Year One Children take your time to carefully work through the below questions.

Remember you can do all the questions practically using counting resources, (counters, toys, models) and you don't have to work only on paper! 

Any queries please message me,

Week of Monday 27th April 

Addition and Subtraction

Year One's I know you are terrific doing addition and subtraction calculations, so this week I would like you to have fun exploring addition and subtraction up to 100! 

Please do the below sheets in order, starting gently with a warm-up progressing to subtraction from 100! You can do this! 


The Dinosaur Game is designed so you can adapt it as you gain more confidence. Feel feel to use your own dinosaurs and create your own islands. Extension: Make your own number cards up to 10/20!


The addition of 3 numbers, using a dice/number cards, can be extended by creating bonds to 5 first, then adding the remainder. For example, 3 + 4 + 2. We know, 3 + 2 = 5, so 5 + 4 = 9. This game can be adapted to allow the practise and recognition of 2-digit numbers. Great resources for ordering numbers too.


When adding and subtracting tens numbers, (10, 20, 30) individually count the small steps in order to identify that each time a ten is added the tens digit is increased. Write the numbers down, show the physical steps involved, have a go at forming a mathematical calculation, 12 + 10 = 22. 

Any queries, please send me an email,

Week of Monday 20th April.

Sorry Year One - little more work on fractions - you will be super!

You should find these activities and worksheet easy - so please use them as a warm up. 


1. Work through the activities on the lesson page.

2. Have a go at the worksheet activities. 

3. Be Creative! I would love you to design me a fractions poster!

You must include everything you have learned so far!

I would love to see different shapes used and some key vocabulary!


Please send your work to: