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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Week of Monday 18th May

The Owl Babies By Martin Waddell, Illustrator: Patrick Benson

Children, as you may know the Owl Babies is one of my favourite books (and yours too).

We often revisit this book so I know you will be very familiar with it.


If you have the book at home please enjoy reading it out-loud to your family.

If you don’t have the book (or simply want to enjoy listening to the story being read out-loud) please click the link below.

I would really like you to select ‘Read along with Top Tips’ and have a go at following the tips!


Once you’ve read the story please complete: 

1) The Owl Babies Comprehension Question Booklet

2) The Owl Babies Activity Booklet. 



Extension: Book Finder

Children/Parents if you would like some help choosing your next book to read,

please visit the below link.

It gives great book recommendations based on what you’ve enjoyed reading and you can even choose from a range of themes!




Week of Monday 11th May

Short Stories and Comprehension Questions

Two Book Reviews

This week I would like you to...

1. Warm-up: Read the short story, A New Pet and complete the questions.


2. Read (with parental support) Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl and answer the comprehension questions. Please refer to the question in your answer.

For example, Why is Farmer Boggis so fat? Farmer Boggis is so fat because...


3. Children, I need your help...  I need some book recommendations!

I would LOVE you to complete TWO book reviews please.

There are several templates below you can choose to use or you can make your own!

You can review any of the books we have shared in class, on here, or any books you have at home!

I would love to know what books you are enjoying! 


Extension: Complete, 'The Highway Rat' Activity Booklet - enjoy!

Week of Monday 4th May

The Elves and the Shoemaker by Emma Caulfield.

Children I would like you to share this brilliant story, (see below text). Please remember to use intonation and expression in your voice and to emphasis punctuation, particularly "!".

Then, please find below a mini booklet containing several

activities for you to complete based on this terrific story.

There is also a link to an audio reading:

Week of Monday 27th April

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson


1. Please share the beautiful story, (see below) 'Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms' written by Julia Rawlinson. (Parents feel free to read the story out-loud.)


2. Please discuss, what clues are there in the story that spring has begun?


3. Take a CLOSER look at the use of Julia Rawlinson's language!

                                         What nouns can you find? (animals)

                                         Can you find any verbs? (action words) 

                                         Can you identify any adjectives? (describe)

                                         Can you spot any alliteration? (same letter repeated)

                                         Can you hear any rhyme? 

Perhaps you could make a list of the above features or 

you could highlight them using different colours on the text.


4. I would be delighted if you could create an Acrostic poem

using, Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms, as your inspiration.

I would love you to follow the pattern:

An adjective followed by a noun, for example, 'Silent leaves, Purple petals.'

Can you use alliteration?


Challenge! Can you follow the pattern: adjective, adjective, noun (Silent, soft leaves).


Super Challenge! Use the pattern: adjective, adjective and adjective, noun, verb. 

(Silent, soft and smooth leaves sway to the ground).


Super SUPER Challenge! Can you add rhyming couplets? 

Silent, soft and smooth leaves sway to the ground.

Purple, pink and plush petals glimmer like a pound.


There is a template sheet attached at the bottom, but please feel free to use your own too!

Week of Monday 20th April

The Snail and the Whale. (Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler)


1. Please listen to the story of, The Snail and the Whale. 


2. With an adult, discuss the snails journey and how you would feel if you were the tiny snail. Talk about the settings the tiny whale and the great, big, blue, hump-back whale travel to.

3. Discuss your favourite part - don't forget to explain why! 


4. I would then like you to complete the following booklet based on the story.

Your booklet doesn't have to be completed in one day or even in order - have fun! 

Don't forget to send me your work please!

Web-links to Support Reading, Spelling and Phonics

A Selection of Websites to Practise Phonics/Reading


Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters

Jolly Phonics

Letterland Phonics

Letters and Sounds  

(supplemented by closely matched and fully decodable books)


Phonics Bug

Read Write Inc. 

Sound Discovery