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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


This month we have loved making our very own pizzas with the help of Gill from Phunky foods. Delicious!

March 2021


What a "egg'ellent scone'ishious" morning we have had making Hot Cross Scones! We mixed perfect team work, patience and several ingredients to make our delicious scones!

Chocolate Crispy Cakes

Plain Scones and Rock buns

Crumble Making


We enjoyed making apple and pear crumble with Mrs Reay in school.

It was very tasty! 😋 


Mrs Jones



 What fun we had making ‘plaited bread’ and ‘banana bread’ in school.  We measured all the ingredients, kneaded, plaited and baked the bread ourselves!


We even wrote a recipe and instructions of how we made it afterwards.


It was delicious 😋 


Here is the link if you'd like to make it yourself at home!


Mrs Jones and Miss Monaghan



February 2021

Every Wednesday during February is baking time!

This month we have enjoyed following healthy recipes from 'phunkyfoods'

and creating our very own healthy recipes to follow.

We have created smoothies, pancakes, spring rolls and even apple tarts!

Apple Tart time!

Pancake time!

We enjoyed making our own spring rolls. We garnished them with noodles, stir-fry vegetables and prawn crackers!

We have really enjoyed making our very own healthy smoothies based on the 'phunkyfood' recipe!

Why not follow our recipes and create your own?

January 2021

Below is a link to the 'Phunkyfoods' website, where you will find:

* Theme-based worksheets and activities (differentiated for age)

* 'Phunky15' activities for your child to play at home

    (no equipment or apparatus needed).

* A selection of simple, healthy recipes for you to try.


Please remember you can upload your work and delicious meals onto Seesaw or Google Classrooms to share with your teachers.

Have fun!




Recently at St Catherine’s school, we have been busy learning about how to look after ourselves. 

As part of this topic we have learned about healthy eating, which foods we should eat less of and which foods are best for our bodies. Key Stage 2 focused on ‘Strive for 5’ and ‘Eatwell plate.’ 

We have also  learned how to take care of our mouths and how to brush our teeth properly. We have discussed how to wash ourselves and the importance of washing our hands properly especially before eating.

Class 3


 Class 3 enjoyed a Phunky food assembly this morning about the importance of ‘Strive for 5’. We learned that it is important to eat five different fruits and vegetables each day to ensure that we are getting lots of vitamins and minerals. We also found out that a portion of fruit or vegetables can be measured by cupping our hands.

They can be fresh, frozen, tinned or dried. We’re loving singing the songs, particularly ‘Gimme 5!’

Welcome to our Phunkyfoods page!


Miss. Monaghan will be updating as we go through the weeks, so if you have some work to be uploaded, don't forget to let her know!

It's Phunkyfood time!