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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School




Hello Year 1 and Year 2, hope you are all well still. And also I hope you have all enjoyed all the tasks that Miss Elliot and myself have set for you these last 5 weeks. Well this is it, last task of the half term - can't believe we have had done a full half term at home, it has gone so quickly!! So for this weeks' task, continue to monitor the progress of your plant, draw pictures, label and measure its growth. Also, you can visit the BBC Bitesize web page (see link below) to consolidate all that you have learnt so far about plants. As always, I love receiving your emails with all your work and your smiley photos, please continue to keep in touch: smiley



Hello Year 1 and 2, how are you all? Keeping well I hope. 

Spring is a wonderful time of year to grow plants and learn all about them.

Lots of foods we eat come from plants, like fruits and vegetables. So for this week's task, I would like you to research foods that have come from a plant. You could take photos (or draw pictures) of any foods you have in your kitchen that either come from a plant or a vegetable. You could also take photos (or draw pictures) of any vegetable or fruit plants that you have grown in your garden or any that you see when you are out and about on your local walk. 

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I'll look forward to seeing your research

Good bye for now smiley



Hello Year 1 and Year 2. This week, I would like you to continue to look after your plants: measure their progress and draw/take pictures to show how it has changed from week to week. Below is the sunflower plant that I planted with my children way back in March. It started off with only 2 small leaves, and then soon after as the weeks have progressed, more leaves have grown and it has grown so tall, it now measures at 83 cm now. I am so impressed. We have kept it in a really sunny, warm place and made sure its been watered regularly (not too often mind, over watering can kill plants sometimes frown) I have been super impressed with all the photos of the plants that some of you have grown, keep sending your photos to me ( Take care children, I'll be in touch again next week, Mrs Richardson

Picture 1
Picture 2



Hello children, your tasks are attached below. I hope you are all enjoying the Science tasks. Any questions or if you'd like to send photos of your work, please do send them to smiley Check out Class 2's celebration link for all the fabulous Science that's being happening at home enlightenedyes




Hello Class 2, Mrs Richardson here - what a beautiful sunny week we are having! Hope you are all getting chance to spend some time in the outdoors. This week, I would like to you to get outside, Year 1 - find some beautiful flowers, Year 2 - find some magnificent trees, and choose one to do a detailed drawing of it. Look closely at all the parts and then label your drawing with the different parts. If you would like to share your drawings with me, please send them to I do enjoy seeing what you are all up to, goodbye for now, I will be in touch at the end of the week. smiley