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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

Week of Monday 18th May

May the Month of Mary

During May we remember Mary, The Mother of Jesus.

You may remember taking part in schools May Procession, where we lay flowers in Fathers Garden before the Mary Statue. 

Please can you take some time to remember her too.

I would like you to go through the powerpoint (see below) and recreate a Mary Altar.

Then please take your time to work through the Activity Booklet attached below.


I would also like you to have a go at recording the brilliant acts of kindness that you do everyday on the attached calendar below! You could even complete a family calendar or repeat this every month?


Extension: Can you teach others in your house the Hail Mary Prayer without using the words?

What other prayers can you learn together as a family? 

Week of Monday 11th May


I would like you to explore Reconciliation this week.

I have attached three documents below, that I would like you to visit in order please.

Please, remember to share your beautiful and thoughtful work with me,



Week of Monday 4th May

Family Kindness Jar

Class Two I know that your family and friends are really important to you.

It is very important to show appreciation to the people we care about and it is lovely to reflect on all the lovely things others do for us, and the things we can do for them.

I would like you to collate all the wonderful things that your family and friends do and create a lovely “Kindness Jar” to store the happy memories.


You can use any jar/box/container and all you have to do is draw/write down your happy memory on a piece of paper/card, (fold it/roll it) and place it inside your container. As a family you could take it in turns to place your memory inside the container, and share your lovely memories together at the same time. Or you could share your delightful memories at another time, perhaps before bed or first thing in the morning, you could even choose one memory, at random, per day!


Extension: Create an “Acts of Kindness Jar”.

Fill a container with as many different ‘acts of kindness’ that you can think of, these can be written or drawn on a piece of paper. Then, choose a piece of paper, at random, out of your container, and do that act of kindness - individually or as a family - enjoy spreading happiness around you!

Week of Monday 27th April 


I would like you to explore Pentecost this week.

I have attached five lessons below with some activities outlined.

Try to do at least two activities per lesson - any queries please send me an email,

(Some lessons even have 'EXTRA' activities!)

Also, there are links below to a video and song to support. Enjoy!



Lesson 1 Video: Britain in Spring Time | BBC Teach

A variety of native birds display seasonal spring time behaviour, plants burst into leaf and flower which shows the change in the landscape.

Lesson 1: Song to help write Prayer: The Ascension (Phil Wickham)

Week of Monday 20th April

The Christian Story of the Good Samaritan and the Lost Sheep


Please listen and watch the follow short clip (link below). Please discuss the following points:

 1. How do you feel when you lose something special.

2. How long would you spend looking for a lost toy?

Get Creative: Can you create puppets for the characters in the stories and use them to retell?

Challenge: Discuss who your loving neighbours are? How do you show love, care to others?