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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Week of Monday 13th July

Photography Skills

This week I challenge you to put your photography skills to the test.

What is the most creative photo you can take?

Your photo can be of anything!

Perhaps you could capture; a sibling, a pet, a teddy, a favourite scene outside, some food, the weather, the sky, a garden or even some flowers!

Don't forget to consider: backgrounds, lighting, shadows, positioning, angles!

Good luck!

Week of Monday 6th July

Internet Safety

This week I would like you to think about all of the internet safety lessons you have participated in. Then, create a poster, using the template below, showing 5 of the most important rules we should all follow when using the internet.


Week of Monday 29th June

A Deeper Look in a Tropical Reef 

Children have you ever wondered what a tropical reef looks like,

deep beneath the rolling waves of the sea?

If so, visit the website link below to watch a live stream of a tropical reef

(that’s a real camera underwater!).

Whilst watching, you could sketch some of the animals you can identify? 

What shapes and patterns can you see on each creature?


Locational Revision 

Why not put your geographical knowledge to the test and have a go at some

fun geography based games?

I've attached a website link below to Games about World Geography - Good luck!

Week of Monday 22nd June

Word Processing

This week I would like you to practise your processing skills and use Microsoft Word to type your story, ‘Paddington the Adventurer’. Remember you can change the font style, size and colour.

I challenge you to add pictures to your stories too!

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a computer this week,

you can create a wonderful front and back cover out of paper for your story.

Week of Monday 15th June

Online Safety

This weeks lesson has three parts. 

The first part focuses on: Pop ups and in-app purchasing, inappropriate websites and Cyberbullying. 

The second part focuses on: Upsetting images, unreliable information and talking to strange online. 


I would like you to click on the below link for your year group.

Read and discuss with an adult what Smartie the penuin faces. Repeat for the second part. 

(Parents I’ve also attached a questions document to lead discussions).


Third Task: Can you make a “Family Agreement” to say how you will all use technology and the internet safely. Attached below is a guide to help you make your Family Agreement and a template.

Week of Monday 8th June

Dinosaur Activities and Games

Children this week you can enjoy playing some dinosaur games

using the computer to practise your fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

I've also attached a short story about digging for dinosaurs for you to enjoy.

Week of Monday 1st June

Internet Safety

Children please visit the below website link with your parents. 

I would like you to watch all 3 episodes (age range from 4/5 to 6/7)

then read through the story books, which match the episodes.

(Parents please follow the guidance and advice given on the website to form

discussions with your child.)

Week of Monday 18th May

Keyboard Knowledge and Typing Skills

Please have a go at identifying the different keys/buttons on a keyboard.

(See document attached below)


Also below are two website links:

1) Lessons to practise typing 

2) Typing Game

Week of Monday 11th May

Modern Technology and Safety Booklet

Please complete the attached activity booklet with an adult.

It contains activities about modern technology, online privacy, online and offline skills.

There is also an accompanying guidance book for parents, which gives tips and hints as to how to use the booklet with children.


Week of Monday 4th May

Technology in your Home

Children, this week, I would like you to go on a technology hunt in your home and record the different tools/devices of technology you have. You will probably be surprised to discover how much technology there is in a single room - and how in fact, technology is all around us!

You could draw an outline of your house and sketch the different rooms with the technology devices inside or you could make a list. 


Extension: Create your very own 'Techno House!'

Design a house full of technology - where EVERYTHING can be done using only a button on a device - you could even invent your own new devices! 

In my 'Techno House', I would love devices that can, make beds, fold washing and capture spiders! 

Week of Monday 26th April



In Class Two this term, the children have been fantastic at using iPads and showing their great photography skills. This week I would like you to practise these skills at home,

if possible, you could use a phone, camera or iPad.

1. Choose a challenge card (see below) and snap away! 

Don't worry if you don't have access to a camera, as you can make your own Pin-hole camera!

2. Have a go at completing the Camera Shots Sorting Activity Page (below).

Week of Monday 20th April

Learning about online safety at home.

Please complete the 4 activities and your chart.

Week of Monday 30th March

Coding and Touch Typing Activities

Week of Monday 16th March

Computing - 'Scratch' App

This year my children have really enjoyed programming algorithms and creating their own programs.

I am sure they would love to show you how they do this by visiting, 'Scratch'.

Good luck Parents!