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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Just for fun!

Week of Monday 13th July

St. Catherine's Sports Day

Please have a go at as many of the activities as possible!

You could even challenge a parent, sibling or friend!

Please remember to send photos to

Week of Monday 6th July

The Greatest Showman - Circus Dance Moves

We have been doing a lot of dancing in Class Two recently, so why don't you join in too?

Have a go at learning the dance moves to the 'Circus Dance' from the film 'The Greatest Showman'!

Week of Monday 29th June

Brilliant Bodies

Children this week I challenge you to, ‘what can your body do?’

Can you balance on one leg or touch your nose with your tongue?

Attached below are several body Challenge Cards – see how many you can do?

Why not challenge members of your household or even make your own challenges? Good Luck! 

Week of Monday 22nd June 

Sign Language Rainbow Song

I challenge you to learn the Rainbow Song using sign language.

Don’t worry if you find it tricky initially, practise, practise and practise! 

Paddington Bear Biscuits 

After the huge success of fossil biscuits last week, I thought you may enjoy making some more!

We all know Paddington Bear loves marmalade sandwiches but he also loves biscuits!

Why not have a go at making some Paddington Bear Style Biscuits! Enjoy!

Week of Monday 15th June

Garden Rubbing!

This week why not create your own textured masterpieces by simply doing some garden rubbings!

You can use a range of natural objects, leaves, bark, stones, rocks or wood.

All you have to do is place your pieces of paper above the natural material and use either crayons, charcoal or shading pencils to rub over the paper.

Can you create repeated patterns? What colours will you use?

Perhaps you could use your garden rubbings as a background to draw a lovely landscape on.

Have fun exploring!

9.6.20 Lesson 6. Agility with Shaun and Garry.

This video combines technique with a bit of fitness. Shaun and Garry work through different bits of agility, with and without a ball. Give it a go... With a ...

Week of Monday 8th June

Dinosaur Top Trump Cards

Children I know many of you love playing top trump cards in class.

Download the attached dinosaur top trump cards below and see who you can beat in your family.

Why don't you have a go at creating your own top trump cards? (See template below)

Don't forget to use all your dinosaur facts, from your reading activity, to help you.


Ssshhh... You could even create your own NEW dinosaurs with

super powers and extraordinary features!

Week of Monday 18th May

Mosaic Creativity

Children why don't you have a go at creating some mosaic art?

It is really simple and often looks very effective. 

You could use masking tape/cellotape to create straight edges, (see below photos).

Then colour in the different sections (you don't even have to use chalk, you could use any resources). Once your chalk/paint is dry, carefully remove the tape and you have

perfectly straight edges separating your different colours!


You could even create your own mosaic pictures by cutting up lots of tiny mosaic tiles (squares, triangles) out of paper and glueing them together to make your design. You could experiment with colours and sizes too! Have fun! Please remember to send me your fabulous pieces!



I know many of my children love being creative with paper/card. 

Why not visit the below websites to discover how to make origami animals?

Week of Monday 11th May

Regrow Food in Water 

Have a go at growing your own vegetable... it is very simple to set up but does require patience!

1. Firstly, choose a vegetable and let the roots grow a little.

2. Then, plant the root of your veg into some water (you don’t need a lot of water – just enough to cover the roots).

3. Then just wait...

4. Be sure to check the water every 2-3 days to ensure that there’s enough water and no rogue lettuce pieces fall off and slime up your bowl.


The size of container should be relative to the size of the food you’re growing. For example, lettuce and celery grow best in shallow bowls, whereas, green onion and lemongrass grow better in taller, skinny glasses. You can regrow multiples of the same plant as long as you’re not overcrowding the area.

Would You Rather? Physical Fitness for Children

Choose your favourite picture on the screen, move to the side of the room your picture is on, and you will get to discover the exercise you will get to do! Have fun!

11.5.20 Lesson 5: Football: Shooting/finishing with Shaun.

In this video we learn the basic techniques of how to shoot at goal, as well as setting 4 different challenges to test you on your shooting skills.

Week of Monday 4th May

Have you ever wondered how it rains?

Here is your chance to create your own clouds and watch them rain!

To make your raincloud you need: shaving cream (use the foam kind, not gel),

a jar, water, and food colouring.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Fill the jar almost to the top with water.
  2. Cover the top with a “cloud” of shaving cream.
  3. Drop food colouring into the cloud until the colour starts “raining” into the water below.
  4. Enjoy watching your cloud rain - the next time it is raining you can explain water collects in the cloud until there is too much, and then it leaks through, forming rain.



Create a weather journal to record the weather over the next week and compare each day!

(See templates below)

You could add detailed illustrations and suitable clothing suggestions!

You could even become a weather reporter and predict the following days weather in order to create a news weather forecast! Good luck!

4.5.20 Lesson 4: Football: Passing/Accuracy with Shaun.

This Video learns the basics of passing a football, as well as some testing challenges to work on your technique and accuracy. Give them a Go...

Week of Monday 27th April


Class Two, can you remember how much fun we have had

singing along (and dancing to) the song, "Love Song to the Earth"?

Why don't you show your family how amazing you are and teach them the words! (see below)

You could even make up a gymnastics routine or dance to go with the song! Have fun! 



On a recent walk, I discovered a little stream full of eggs.... on my next visit the eggs had gone and little black dots appeared.... With this excitementI kept visiting the same stream. Days past and the black dots hadn't moved, some more days past and everything STILL looked the same. Until two weeks later, the black dots had plumped out and grown little tails - tadpoles! 

Can you create a life-cycle wheel, including my discoveries and of course, what will happen next...?! Don't forget to send me your work

Love Song To The Earth Video

27.4.20 Lesson 3: Cricket: Bowling/throwing with Shaun.

This video is all about firstly learning the basics of bowling and throwing in cricket, then setting challenges to test your skills.

Week of Monday 20th April

Staying active!

Please try and stay as active as possible by practising your football skills with the guidance of Shaun.

You can also try some Disney-inspired, 10-minute short indoor activities! Have fun!

20.4.20 Lesson 2: Football: Skills with Shaun.

This video is about Football Skills with Shaun

13.4.20 Lesson 1: Football: Skills with Shaun.

This video is about Football Skills with Shaun.
Class Two I would like you to have a go at practising some of your brilliant skills, with the help of Shaun's coaching video! Challenges are updated regularly! Good luck and have fun!

Week of Tuesday 14th April

Cooking with Jamie Oliver


I know lots of my children have been very busy cooking and baking at home,

so why not try cooking with Jamie Oliver?!

Please do send me photos of your masterpieces so I can pretend I am enjoying them with you too!

Easter Holiday Spring Cleaning!

We all know how much we dislike a mess in Class Two.... I'm sure it is the same at home.


There's always time for a good clean!

1. Tidy your bedroom - Books, Toys, Games,

2. Fold and put away ALL your clothes,

3. Check all rubbish is in the bin, collect any recycling,

4. Help hang out the washing/bring it in,

5. Sweep the floors,

6. Assist with making lunch/dinner.


Don't forget to check with Mums and Dads first!

Week of Monday 30th March

Shadow Creation

To make the most of this beautiful sunshine I would love you to have a go at recreating some shadows! Find a sunny spot, and sketch away..... 

Challenge: Order your shadow from shortest to tallest, can you draw YOUR SHADOW?

Week of Monday 23rd March

Countryside Activities at Home

Please visit this wonderful website to find several 'countryside' activities you can do AT HOME!

1. Select the appropriate age group

2. Use a subject/theme

3. Have fun and send me your photos please!

Week of Monday 16th March

Colour Run

1. Have a go!

2. Can you describe what is happening?

3. Try with different tissue - compare the results...

4. Send me a photo!