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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School


Hello Children, today the following activities are available for you:



1. Please engage with the video.

    (I've attached the 'teaching powerpoint' for the video for you to use if you wish).

2. Have a go at the 'True or False?' questions.

3. Finally, there are two worksheets. 

   The first worksheet is designed to be completed 'on screen' by discussing the answers with an adult.

   The second worksheet is designed for independent work, try to complete it the best you can.

   (Feel free to complete the questions practically, on screen or printed on paper.)



Attached is a text all about 'Seahorses'. I would like you to read it and answer the questions.

You will notice there are some numbers down the side of the page, these numbers tell us how many words there are. How many words can you read in 60 seconds?

This is a very tricky challenge so please don't worry if you don't get very far down the text in 60 seconds... we are going to practise this week! (Parents I've attached some guidance below too).



This week I would be delighted if you could produce your very own, 'Sea Creatures Fact-file'.

This is a research based task which requires you to use all your knowledge (old and new) and perhaps the internet, books or discussions with adults, to write an informative piece about a sea creature. 

I would like you to complete ONE fact-file per day... by Friday you will have a Fact-file about 5 different animals! I have attached a template below (containing templates for 17 different sea creatures but feel free to create your own).



Please engage in the video and complete the tasks.



Today, Lucy from Eden Valley Sports Partnership, has a great activity for you to do - good luck!


Year 2 Maths - Represent numbers to 100

PE - Lucy (Eden Valley Sports Coach) Weekly Fitness Challenge

Still image for this video