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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Class 3

Class 3 enjoyed a story in the hall today with a Librarian from the library service. We got to choose new books to enjoy in the classroom.


What fun!

Library story

Library story 1
Library story 2
Library story 3

Oscar and Mia enjoyed a trip with Mrs Richardson on Thursday 8th November, 2018 to Ullswater Community College.  They carried out  a 'French' baking lesson where they made different French bread.


What fun!

French baking at UCC

French baking at UCC 1
French baking at UCC 2
French baking at UCC 3
French baking at UCC 4
French baking at UCC 5
French baking at UCC 6
French baking at UCC 7
French baking at UCC 8

Class 3's assembly was all about 'God's place in the family.' 


There was lots of reading of scripture which we had focused on in lessons.  We also sang a song called 'Family of God.' 


What a great job!

We have started to focus on the book 'Ice Trap' by Meredith Hooper which tells the story of Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the ship, Endurance.  


Shackleton wanted to be the first to cross the continent of Antarctica from sea to sea, via the pole.


We looked at the original advertisement that Shackleton put in the Telegraph at the time, asking for men to join the crew.


We used the literacy technique called 'conscience alley' to persuade individuals (using different view points) of whether or not they should apply to the advertisement. 


We had some brilliant ideas!

Class 3 enjoyed a visit to Penrith Library on Monday the 8th.  Bev the Librarian talked about what we can access in the library, like fiction and non-fiction books and the internet.


We we also found out that we can take out talking books, DVDs and exciting books. We can even talk a little!


We had a 'Bookshelf Treasure Hunt.' It was really challenging. Some of us even checked the library catalogue ...Wow!


Libraries are so exciting!

The Year 6's came in to show us how to log on to Times Table Rockstars.  It was really good fun!

We are practising so hard to learn our times tables.

Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rockstars 1
Times Table Rockstars 2
Times Table Rockstars 3
Times Table Rockstars 4

Class 3

Class 3 1

We've been learning about 'Place Value' this week in our maths lessons.  Our activities have included lots of practical activities and writing numbers in numerals and words.


We are also practising lots of times tables.

We learned about the water cycle. Mrs Jones showed us in an experiment how evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection occur.



Year 4 started their new topic of 'States of Matter.' We classified different materials into solids and liquids. 

We've had great fun during science week in Class 3.


Year 3 have started finding out about 'Forces' and moved lots of objects around to see what force was being used. We learned that forces can be a Push or a Pull.



Class 3 Welcome Newsletter

Autumn 1


Welcome to Class 3!


The new Year 3's have settled into Key Stage 2 really well and are getting used to the new routines.  Great effort!

Class 3 went into church today to discuss ‘The Sacrament of Reconciliation’ with  Father John.  This has been our recent focus during religious education lessons.


We found out how Father John carries out confession in St Catherine’s church. This is either face to face with the penitent or behind a screen confidentially.


The overall message from Father John was  that we need to say sorry (show contrition) when we have committed a sin and always try to do better next time. 


We found out that priests and even the Pope go to confession!




Sacrament of Reconciliation

Amelia, Kyra and Brandon from Class 3 enjoyed a drama day at Plumpton school on Wednesday entitled 'Play in a Day.'

There was an opportunity to work with other children from several other schools in the area.

Parents and grandparents enjoyed a performance at the end of the day.

Play in the Day at Plumpton School.

Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 1
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 2
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 3
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 4
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 5
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 6
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 7
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 8
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 9
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 10
Play in the Day at Plumpton School. 11


We have been learning about the Holy Spirit coming among the people with tongues of fire. Our wind mills and flags, blowing in the wind, remind us the Holy Spirit is always with us.


Pentecost  1
Pentecost  2
Pentecost  3

Congratulations Y3 on your performance at UDance 2018

Congratulations Y3 on your performance at UDance 2018 1

Class 3 have been enjoying finding out about World War II in their topic work.  We have written stories, poems, recipes and beautiful evacuee letters to name but a few. We have also made rationed cookies.  Our war time assembly was wonderful!