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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Return to School September 2020

Dear Parents,


I have emailed the information needed for September 2020.

Here are the headlines:

  • From September, school attendance is mandatory unless a child is ill. It is essential that absences are reported by the parent on the first day.
  • School uniform is available from Sam Scott’s in Penrith.
  • PE kits need to be in school from the first day as PE will be a key element of the curriculum.
  • Children must arrive at school on time. We will be operating different entry points for classes and admittance will not be allowed through the front entrance.
  • Breakfast Club must be booked in advance through Lunchshop.
  • School lunches must be ordered through Lunchshop. Packed lunches, water bottles and breaktime snack are allowed in school.
  • Please continue to practise good hand hygiene with your child throughout the summer. SOAP and water are an essential combative to the virus.
  • Please teach your child to use a tissue – ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ will be another essential combative in school.
  • Parents are responsible for social distancing on the playground and outside of KS2. Please be patient.
  • If you need to speak to a member of staff or Diane, please contact the School Office on 01768 864 612 or email Visitors to school will be by appointment only.
  • A plan is in place in case of a local lockdown or possible containment in school. This will be shared should the need arise.


The last few weeks, working Bubbles in school has given us an insight into how we can operate in September. Please read the information carefully and follow the instructions for your Class. It is going to be a complicated process if people do not follow the procedures planned. On entry to school, all children will be washing their hands thoroughly before taking their seat in the classroom.


Entry Points and Start times            (The Year Groups are for September 2020.)

Staff will be on duty at the KS2 Gate and supervising entry and hand washing.


Y6           8:30am   KS2 Gate    Pupils walk around the building to Class 4 door

Y5           8:35am   KS2 Gate    Pupils walk around the building to Class 4 door


Y4           8:35am   KS2 Gate    Pupils enter through Class 3 door

Y3 (Class 3)  8:40am    KS2 Gate        Pupils enter through Class 3 door


Main Playground Gates will be opened at 8:35am. Please wait in your designated area of the playground for a member of staff to call the pupils forward.


Y3 (Class 2)    8:35am  Main Gates onto top end of the playground near to                                                Class 2 gate

Y2                   8:40am   Main Gates onto top end of the playground near to

                                       Class 2 gate


Y1                   8:35am   Main Gates onto the bottom end of the playground near                                         to Class 1

Reception        8:45am   Main Gates onto the bottom end of the playground near

                                       to Class 1


The KS2 Gate and Main Gates will be locked at 8:55am.

If you are late, please telephone 01768 864 612 and wait by your allocated entrance for a member of staff to become available to let your child in; you may have to wait as the staff will be supervising handwashing and teaching.

Entry for pupils is not allowed through the main entrance.


Break and Lunchtimes

A rota has been developed to limit the number of pupils in the school hall. Classes have designated areas on the playground and the field where they can play. Classes have their own equipment which they are allowed to use and there will be strict hand hygiene measures in place.


Exit Points        School will finish at 3:15pm.


KS2 will exit from the KS2 Gate and a member of staff will be on duty to ensure pupils are safe.


The Main Gates to the playground will be opened at 3:10pm for parents to safely congregate. KS1 pupils will be dismissed from their Class gate. KS2 pupils with younger siblings will meet their parents on the playground. Please keep your family together and be patient exiting the playground.


I will be in school during the Summer and will share any updates that are needed.

Thank you.


Letter re: September Return

Friday 3rd July


We are currently scrutinising the guidance published by the Government yesterday, but at first glance, it would appear that our original plan which I shared on Tuesday, will be able to go ahead in September. The document for parents is listed below.

We will be giving close consideration to entry and exit points and staggered breaks and lunchtimes and carrying out a full review of our current risk assessment. I am planning to share a full overview in the week beginning 13th July.


On a personal note, thank you very much for the cards and messages I have received following Mum's passing. It is a great comfort to our family to know there are so many prayers being said.


Best wishes

Angela Hill

Tuesday 30th June

Recent Government reports have indicated that classes will be returning as normal in September, we are awaiting further guidance but I wanted to share our plans:


September 2020


We are changing the way we organise our classes so that the children benefit from being taught in smaller, more focussed groups. We have also taken into consideration the inevitable impact the lockdown has had on the children’s learning and emotional well-being.


The staff have been developing a Recovery Curriculum which focusses on the essentials of:

  • English and Maths skills incorporating the previous year group objectives from the Summer Term;
  • RE, for the emotional support and opportunities to talk individually and in small groups and share experiences;
  • PE for the physical well-being
  • Science Days which are practical, investigative and fun!

This curriculum will run initially for the first six weeks, followed by detailed assessments which will give us a solid Baseline from which to track the children’s progress and further adapt to their needs.


The classes and staffing will be:

Class 1             Reception: 13  pupils               Year 1: 14 pupils         Total: 27      

Teacher: Mrs Grice                                         Support Staff: Ms. Baird,                                                                                                         Miss Rudd


Class 2             Year 2: 20 pupils                     Year 3: up to 7             Total: up to 27

                         Teacher: Miss Elliott                         Support Staff: Miss Monaghan


Class 3             Year 3: up to 12 pupils            Year 4: 19                  Total:  up to 32 

Teacher: Mrs Jones                                         Support Staff: Miss Campbell

As you can see, this year, we have split the Y3 Class. However the children will be taught as a whole Y3 group for a number of subjects. I will be sending out more detailed information to the Y3 parents.


Class 4         Year 5: 18 pupils(am only)      pm only Y6: 17 pupils     Total: 35 pm                       Teacher: Mrs Proudfoot                                 Support Staff: Mrs Reay,                                                                                                                              Mrs. Glen

Class 5             Year 6: 17 (am only)  

               Teacher: Miss Davies                                    Support Staff: Mrs Glen


If you have any queries or concerns, please contact me at school.

Best wishes,

Angela Hill                  Headteacher


Tuesday 23rd June


We are looking forward to welcoming our Y1 pupils back to school from Monday 29th June.


Here are the necessary practical arrangements:


All Y1 pupils will  enter school via the playground. The large gates will be open from 8:40 - 8:50 am, please respect the social distance on the playground. Miss Elliott will then call the children forward and they will be taken straight to wash their hands ready for the start of the day.

At 3:15 pm, the gates will be opened for the Y1 parents only and Miss Elliott will dismiss the children from the classroom door. This may take a little time, please be patient. 


Reception pupils will enter and exit by the KS1 door as usual.


Key worker & Y6 will enter and exit by the KS2 door as usual.


All school lunches to be ordered through Lunchshop, only packed lunches are available until the end of term. Children are allowed to bring a packed lunch from home, if you prefer, and a water bottle.


All children are to dress in sportswear with trainers or comfortable shoes as they will be outside for a lot of lessons. The weather has been very changeable so the children will need to have had sunscreen applied before school and probably a raincoat on any given day!


The children will be taught in their Bubbles and breaktimes and lunchtimes are staggered to ensure they have enough space to eat lunch and play.


If you have any further questions, please give me a call: 01768 864 612.


Thank you

Mrs Hill


Tuesday 16th June 2020

Dear Parents,

We are really pleased at how smoothly the return to school has gone so far.

We are currently running 3 Bubbles:

  1. Key Worker Bubble        
  2. Y6 Bubble
  3. Reception Bubble

We are still planning for a Y1 Bubble from Monday 29th June, however, I am aware that numbers for the Key Worker Bubble are beginning to increase. It may be that if the number of places for the Key Worker exceeds 15, we will need to split into a KS1 Key Worker Bubble and a KS2 Key Worker Bubble, which will in turn mean that we will not have the space or staff to have a Y1 Bubble at all.

In order for me to plan ahead and give fair warning to the Y1 parents and children, please contact me before Thursday 18th June,  if you know that you will require a Key Worker place before Friday 17th July, when the term ends: 01768 864 612 or

The Class Teachers will be making telephone calls to the families who have not been able to return to school yet just to check in and see if there is anything else we can do to support.

At the time of writing this email, we have been given no guidance or indication of what will happen in September, but I will endeavour to keep you as up to date as I can.

Best wishes

Angela Hill

Tuesday 9th June    Reception Parents

Good morning everyone,


We would like to share with you further details for the proposed return to school of the Reception pupils on Monday 15th June.

The safety of our school family is paramount and I would like to reassure parents that stringent risk assessments have taken place and essential measures have been instilled into the daily routines.

We want our pupils to feel safe and secure and return to the excitement and enjoyment of learning. With that objective in mind, Mrs. Grice and her team have been working hard to reorganise resources to promote safe practice.

How will the classroom look?

The classroom will look very similar; it will be split  into the learning areas of Library; Investigation; Construction; Pattern Making; Role Play; Small World and Home Corner. There will be a daily resource box for each area, (Monday Box, Tuesday Box etc) which will be packed up at the end of the day and then isolated until the following week.

The outdoor provision has been extended and will include Musical Instruments; Large Construction; Obstacle Making; Bikes & Scooters and Water Play.

Dependent on the number of pupils returning, it is planned that there will be 2 mini Bubbles of up to 6 pupils in each, taking turns at being indoors and outdoors.

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately as they will be outside for large parts of the day.

Practical Arrangements

Entry and Exit will be through the KS1 Door at the top of the steps.

Pupils can arrive between 8:40am and 8:50am and collection at 3:15pm. Adults please respect social distancing on the driveway.

If you need to pass any messages, please telephone the office 01768 864 612, do not distract the teacher on duty as they will be focussing on the children.

Lunches are to be ordered through Lunchshop in the usual way. Pupils can bring a named water bottle (and packed lunch from home if you prefer) but no other bags or toys.

Non-uniform is acceptable but please remember to dress for changeable weather.


Please read through this information carefully. Mrs Grice will be telephoning each family tomorrow to discuss any issues or concerns and to gather numbers so that we can plan appropriately.


We fully understand parents anxieties about the return to school and we make no judgement on any decision you decide to choose.

Best wishes

Angela Hill

Thursday 4th June


We are looking forward to welcoming our Y6 pupils back on Monday 8th June.


Entry into school is through the KS2 door from 8:40am until 9am. This extended time will give us the time to safely bring the children into the building and establish the handwashing routine.


When the gate is opened, pupils only will be invited to come forward. Adults must observe social distancing at all times. Key worker children will enter through Class 3's door, wash their hands and go straight into Class 3 - just as they have this week.


Y6 pupils will walk around the side of the building and wait in the area outside of Class 4. There is lots of space for them to wait patiently, Miss Davies and Mrs Proudfoot with supervise the handwashing and entry into Class 4. Pupils are allowed to bring their own water bottle and a packed lunch. If you require a packed lunch from school, please order via Lunchshop.


At the end of the school day, the pupils will be dismissed from the same gate. This will take time so please be patient.


Please click on the Home/School Agreement below and share this with your child before Monday. We want the children to have a very enjoyable and productive end to their career at St. Catherine's. Y6 are expected to be in school from Monday to Friday and any disobedient or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.


Thank you very much for your continued support and kind messages.

If you have any queries, please telephone 01768 864612 or email


Wednesday 3rd June


Dear Parents,

Please click on the letter below for further details re: the phased opening of school.


Any queries, not answered in the letter below, may be sent to: or telephone 01768 864 612.


Teachers will continue to update the website with learning resources. These resources will reflect what is being taught in the classes as the selected year groups return.


There is also a link below to the latest DFE guidance for parents.


Thank you.





Phased Return & Practical Arrangements

Useful Telephone Numbers for advice

Monday 18th May 2020


Dear Parents,

We are in the process of planning the phased return to school and I will be posting further information later this week.


St. Catherine's will reopen on Monday 1st June for Critical Worker's children. Please email me on, indicating the days needed.


Phased return of Y6, Y1 and Reception:

Thank you to the parents who have already contacted me to state their intentions, we fully understand if you do not wish your child to return immediately. 

If you have a child in either of those year groups, please email me at if you do not intend to send them to school as this will help us tremendously in allocating staff and classrooms.


Very careful consideration is being given to the safety of our children and staff and I would like to thank you for the kind words shared in emails and telephone calls.

Keep safe and I will post updates as soon as I can.

Mrs Hill

Letter from the Penrith Hub Chairs of Governors

Dear Parents,


This is the page I will use to communicate the important messages we need to send in order to prepare for the return to school.

Please click on the letter below.