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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Mrs Hill

Friday 17th July


Today is the last day of what has been a very surreal half term!


Check out the Y6 page later today and you will see the lovely photos from the Leaver's Assembly. Kyra's Mum made a fabulous balloon display - its just as well Heidi wasn't in school, she would have been in the middle of it.


Congratulations to our Y6 pupils!

You have been amazing and we wish you all the very best for the future!



I was up very early this morning, so I sat and had a quiet cup of coffee in the garden. A beautiful baby Robin came to visit and was feeding out of the Ladybird feeder. The photos below are of my Red Robin Bush with a baby Red Robin - it really made me smile. 


Have a lovely Summer everyone! I am really looking forward to seeing you all again in September.

Love Mrs Hill xx

Thursday 16th July 2020


Well, we are nearly at the end of term and I am really looking forward to having a pj day on Saturday! It is actually my 33rd Wedding Anniversary, but I have told my husband he can go fishing so I can have some peace!


I have posted a photo of Heidi below, she is really looking forward to September and getting back into routine. Yesterday, while my husband was taking conference calls and talking to lots of people, she kept trying to get his attention, throwing toys in the air and zooming up & down the stairs. My husband is normally very patient, but he snapped at her, 'Heidi, stop it!' 

Heidi's response was to jump on his knee, nearly knocking him off the chair and licking his face - that is how she says sorry when she thinks you are cross. This all happened in front of about 20 people on the computer screen!

The photo shows Heidi, all content after a good walk and her dinner. Happy puppy!

Very Content Puppy

Monday 7th July


St Catherine's Virtual Sports Day


Well, Miss Elliott and staff have been very busy creating a virtual Sport's Day so that we can all join in together. 

Have a go at the challenges and please send in some photographs because it will really make us smile!






















Sunday 28th June 2020


Hello everyone,


On Friday, we received the very sad new that my Mum had died after a very long illness.

As a family, we are heartbroken and we will miss her greatly. But we also take great comfort in knowing that she is now at peace in the arms of our Loving God.


I know now, that we have another, extra special, angel watching over us and helping me in my work.

Please keep my Mum and our family in your prayers during this very difficult time.


I will be back in school on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to seeing lots of children I haven't seen for ages! You are all getting so tall, I feel like I am being left behind!


Love Mrs Hill xx



How are you all enjoying the sunshine - isn't it amazing!


Before I forget, my husband has asked me to tell you all that contrary to the photo where Heidi looks really sorry for herself, she really does enjoy having a bubble bath. I also learned that the racing around that she does is called the 'zoomies,' ( isn't that a lovely word) which apparently lots of dogs do after a bath. Heidi also does it if she gets caught in a rain shower!


Yesterday, when I got home from work, I sat in my garden for an hour and I was amazed at the amount of bees and butterflies I saw. We have a huge silver coloured plant at the back wall of our garden which has suddenly sprung into yellow flowers, which the bees just love! It was so quiet in the garden, all I could hear was the different species buzzing about. Then my husband refilled the bird feeders and all the fledgling chicks came for tea! I really feel very fortunate to have all of this amazing wildlife to study and my photos are getting better!


Buzzy Bees and Beautiful Butterflies

Happy Monday everyone!


Did you all have a lovely weekend? We had a hair cutting day on Saturday. My husband had some new clippers arrive in the post and so I had my first lesson! I practised on my husband first and then it was Joshua's turn - I think I could have stuffed a cushion with the amount of hair that came off him!


Then it was Heidi's turn to have a trim, but only with scissors. She really likes getting shampooed but isn't so keen on the trim, but my husbands bribes her with gravy bones. When she is done, she races around and around the garden as if she is being chased - it is so funny to watch!

Bath & Haircut time!

Hello everyone,


Can you keep a secret?

This weekend is Father's Day and I am going to surprise my husband with a very special card from Heidi! I am assuming our 3 children will have remembered and sorted out their own cards!


Heidi has been very confused by this new way of working. She was always used to coming to school with me in the car and leaving my husband at home. But now she stays home too! Heidi still shares my breakfast but then we have to time my leaving the house for when he is taking her out for a walk or she causes a fuss!

When I come home, it is very funny. Heidi hears my car pull up onto the drive and immediately starts barking; my husband lets her out of the room and she runs straight out of the patio doors and up to the garden gate - in the meantime, I've come in through the front door and she runs all the way back and nearly knocks me over! She even stands on the stairs when I am trying to take my shoes off - I think she misses me during the day and it is lovely to be fussed over when I come in.

Have a look at the card below - it made me smile.

Have a lovely weekend!



How are you all? Aren't we having some very bizarre weather? I really don't know what to put on when I get up in the mornings! 

Last weekend was so lovely in the garden except, I have some new, very noisy neighbours!

For the last couple of months, 2 Starlings have been raising their chicks in the eaves of next door's roof. When we were sitting out in the garden, we watched the parents fly in through the drainpipe, where they were greeted with lots of tweeting!

Well, now the chicks have fledged and have taken up residence on our fence. From about 5 am, they start to make this awful squawking noise, which sounds like a defective car alarm, and they don't stop until one of the parents feeds them.

Then, on Sunday, I was astonished to see one of the chicks actually push the parent off the birdfeeder, like some kind of stroppy teenager - how ungrateful!

Starlings are the birds who make those wonderful murmuration movements at dusk, if you haven't seen them in Penrith, ask your Mum or Dad to look it up on the internet because it is fascinating to watch.

Starling Chicks demanding to be fed!

Hello Everyone,


This weekend was a bit of a washout but it really made the birds come out in my garden!

Tufty, the baby blackbird, had a wonderful time splashing in a pool of water on the table and was then joined by a Blue Tit chick who copied what he had been doing!

A beautiful, speckled Song Thrush came to sit on the chimnea, I think he was asking for more food to be put out!

The other photos show a male Chaffinch feeding his chick. 

A very busy morning!

Hello Everyone!


I hope you had a lovely holiday - I did lots of knitting and sleeping. I did have a box set i wanted to watch, 'The Forsythe Saga,' ask your Grandparents they will probably remember it from many years ago, but it is still in the wrapper, so I am going to keep it for the summer.


I have added some new photos below, from my garden. I am so excited - we have a hedgehog!! I adore hedgehogs and we have called him Spike. He comes to visit at around 10 o'clock every evening, so i only see him a couple of times a week as it is way passed my bedtime.


The other photos are of the baby blackbird who has just learned to fly onto the top of the fence but still expects Mum and dad Blackbird to feed him. We have called him Tufty and he is getting big!

Hello everyone.


I thought I would share some photos from my garden.

The first one is an action shot which my daughter managed to take of a Great Tit heading back to it's nest to feed the chicks.

The second photo is a female Blackbird gathering food for her chicks. The chicks are hiding in the bushes at the back of our garden and it has been lovely watching the Male & Female diving in and out to feed them. It has been very funny listening to the Male Blackbird very angrily chirping when Heidi gets too close!


As you can see, I like my garden to be very full of plants - I'm not fully sure which are plants and which are weeds, but they are all very pretty and the bees and butterflies love them!

See if you can spot Poppington Duck and her 3 ducklings and Wilfred the Gnome reading his Ipad!

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday and enjoyed the activities your teachers put up on the website.

The photo below shows Martha & Joshua enjoying our afternoon tea in the garden. We made the bunting using a cardboard loom and weaved the wool in and out - it kept us busy for quite a few days!

Joshua and his Mum did all of the baking and we had a great feast.

Heidi is a very happy doggy as she has a new toy!

It came in the post and she got very excited when the postman rang the bell!

First of all she tore up the box into little pieces and then she carried her new puppy around the garden, giving it lots of licks.

I am hoping that she doesn't pull all of the stuffing out like she normally does; she seems to make it her mission to find the squeaker!! The last toy she had only lasted half an hour, but this one seems to be holding out!

Heidi in the garden

Heidi loves to play outside! One of her favourite games is 'Bubbles.' She enjoys running and jumping and trying to catch them. She is also getting very good at football! Joshua has been training her to be the goalie, however, she has eaten 2 footballs in the last 4 weeks!

Creative Crafting

I have been trying to keep busy with lots of different crafts. You all know that I love to knit and so far, I have knitted a rainbow for my window and some ladybirds and caterpillars for the garden - I thought they would be nice for the children who are out on their walk.

I love hedgehogs and I have quite a collection! I made this one using and old paperback book and three buttons - it was really easy and it really made me smile when it was complete! I have the instructions ready for when we come back to school, so we can make some together!