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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

Mrs Hill

Hello everyone.


I thought I would share some photos from my garden.

The first one is an action shot which my daughter managed to take of a Great Tit heading back to it's nest to feed the chicks.

The second photo is a female Blackbird gathering food for her chicks. The chicks are hiding in the bushes at the back of our garden and it has been lovely watching the Male & Female diving in and out to feed them. It has been very funny listening to the Male Blackbird very angrily chirping when Heidi gets too close!


As you can see, I like my garden to be very full of plants - I'm not fully sure which are plants and which are weeds, but they are all very pretty and the bees and butterflies love them!

See if you can spot Poppington Duck and her 3 ducklings and Wilfred the Gnome reading his Ipad!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday and enjoyed the activities your teachers put up on the website.

The photo below shows Martha & Joshua enjoying our afternoon tea in the garden. We made the bunting using a cardboard loom and weaved the wool in and out - it kept us busy for quite a few days!

Joshua and his Mum did all of the baking and we had a great feast.

Picture 1

Heidi is a very happy doggy as she has a new toy!

It came in the post and she got very excited when the postman rang the bell!

First of all she tore up the box into little pieces and then she carried her new puppy around the garden, giving it lots of licks.

I am hoping that she doesn't pull all of the stuffing out like she normally does; she seems to make it her mission to find the squeaker!! The last toy she had only lasted half an hour, but this one seems to be holding out!

Heidi in the garden

Heidi in the garden 1
Heidi loves to play outside! One of her favourite games is 'Bubbles.' She enjoys running and jumping and trying to catch them. She is also getting very good at football! Joshua has been training her to be the goalie, however, she has eaten 2 footballs in the last 4 weeks!

Creative Crafting

I have been trying to keep busy with lots of different crafts. You all know that I love to knit and so far, I have knitted a rainbow for my window and some ladybirds and caterpillars for the garden - I thought they would be nice for the children who are out on their walk.

I love hedgehogs and I have quite a collection! I made this one using and old paperback book and three buttons - it was really easy and it really made me smile when it was complete! I have the instructions ready for when we come back to school, so we can make some together!