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St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

"this is a mission statement"

Maggie and Dave's Gardening Club




Sign-up sheets are available in KS1 and KS2 for the following dates:

Tuesday 14th March 

Tuesday 28th March

Tuesday 21st March

Tuesday 4th April


3:15 - 4pm



Winter 2016

We have been reaping the rewards of all of our hard work.

The autumn harvest has given us a good supply of winter vegetables: brussel sprouts, onions, swedes and leeks.

Summer 2015

We have been really busy this week gardening and planting seeds. 


Spring 2015

Maggie and Dave began this week with KS1 children, digging over the garden and planting out the onions.

The Gardening Club will be on every Tuesday after the Easter Holidays. Sign - up sheets are available for KS1 and KS2 children.


Spring 2014

We have made a brilliant start with the garden; we have been busy digging, planting and tidying.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



Congratulations everyone on the wonderful harvest and variety of fruits and vegetables grown!


The garden has now been put to bed for winter and we look forward to starting up again in the Spring Term!


Preparing for the summer term


The School Garden 2013


This year the beds on the bank were extended and renewed over Easter. The fruit trees are now well established and are hoping for a better summer!


KS2 children helped to prepare before Easter by mending the potato planters and making a new strawberry planter that we got with our gardening vouchers. In the garden you can also see fleece and netting tunnels, also acquired with vouchers, which are helping the cauliflower, cabbage and broad bean seeds to develop.


The Garden Club have been busy. The sweet corn and courgette that they planted as seeds in the greenhouse will be soon ready for planting out.  The tomato plants have been carefully watered by children in their break times. Onion sets, radish, spring onion, lettuce, swede, turnip, chard, beetroot, carrot and potatoes as well as strawberry plants have been put in the beds outside by the club. They have also potted up marrow, squash, peas, cucumber, climbing beans, pepper, parsley, chives, nasturtium and sunflower and these are developing in the greenhouse.


Great work from all the children from Class 1 to Class 4!